Who sang the song tomorrow in Annie?

Who sang the song tomorrow in Annie?

Charles Strouse
Martin Charnin
Tomorrow (Bonus Track)/Artists

How many songs does Annie have?

31 Songs From “Annie” (Musical and Movie)

Who sings the country song tomorrow?

Chris YoungTomorrow / ArtistChristopher Alan Young is an American country music singer and songwriter. In 2006, he was the Season 4 winner of the television program Nashville Star, a singing competition on USA.
After winning, he was signed to RCA Records Nashville, releasing his self-titled debut album that same year. Wikipedia

Why does Annie sing tomorrow?

While still in the rags part of her rags-to-riches tale, she sings “Tomorrow” as a hope for a brighter future. This was an inspiration to a young Lauryn Hill, who first saw the musical when she was seven years old and learned all its songs by heart.

Can you watch Annie live after it airs?

Stream Annie Live! This rendition of the Tony Award-winning hit musical is also available to stream with Hulu’s live TV subscription. Once signed on, you can watch Annie Live! on the Hulu app.

Who wrote tomorrow song?

Charles StrouseTomorrow (Bonus Track) / Composer

How old was Andrea McArdle when she played Annie on Broadway?

Artist Biography. Andrea McArdle made her professional debut at the age of 13 on the Broadway stage in Annie. Since her stellar performance, McArdle has performed in numerous Broadway shows, recorded albums and has appeared on film and television. Born in Philadelphia, Andrea McArdle is the oldest of two children.

How long does Annie Live last?

127 mins

Annie Live!
Running time 127 mins
Production companies Chloe Productions The Green Room Zadan/Meron Productions Sony Pictures Television Studios
Distributor NBCUniversal Syndication Studios

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