Who played Derek in 24 season 5?

Who played Derek in 24 season 5?

Brady Corbet
Derek Huxley was the son of Diane Huxley. He lived in Mojave, California with his mother and grew a father/son-type relationship with Jack Bauer due to the events that took place in Day 5….

Derek Huxley
Played by: Brady Corbet
Season(s): 5
First episode: “Day 5: 7:00am-8:00am”
Last episode: “Day 5: 12:00pm-1:00pm”

Who is the mole in 24 season 5?

Sarah was interrogated and tortured, but a follow-up investigation by Edgar Stiles exonerated her, and Marianne Taylor was revealed to be the mole.

How did Tony Almeida dies season 5?

It is ultimately revealed that Christopher Henderson purposely missed Tony’s heart when he stabbed him, and planned on turning him. He had his people take Tony’s body, and they were able to revive him within 10 minutes of his apparent death.

What happened to the president Season 5 of 24?

Former U.S. President David Palmer is assassinated in Los Angeles, California and Jack Bauer is framed for his murder. The assassins also plan to frame Jack for the murders of Tony Almeida, Michelle Dessler and Chloe O’Brian, all of whom helped Jack fake his death.

Who plays Bierko 24?

Julian Richard Morley Sands
Julian Richard Morley Sands (born 4 January 1958) is an English actor known for his roles in films such as The Killing Fields, A Room with a View, Warlock, Arachnophobia, Boxing Helena and Vatel. On television, he is known for playing Vladimir Bierko in 24, Jor-El in Smallville, and as Yulish Rabitov in Banshee.

Who played Derek Huxley on 24?

24 (TV Series 2001–2010) – Brady Corbet as Derek Huxley – IMDb.

Who was the mole at CTU season 6 in 24?

Nadia Yassir
Nadia Yassir was the Chief of Staff at CTU Los Angeles during the events of Day 6. She was implicated as a mole and accused of leaking CTU’s satellite data to terrorists. However, she was later proven innocent and went back to work.

Did Jack Bauer have a son?

On many occasions, Jack does so at great personal expense, as those he thwarts subsequently target him and his loved ones. He is not a crooked agent; however, Bauer’s frequent use of torture to gather information has generated much controversy and discussion….

Jack Bauer
Spouse Teri Bauer (deceased)
Children Kim Bauer

Why did Michelle Dessler leave Tony Almeida?

After Tony served seven months, he was released under a Presidential pardon. Tony lost his position at CTU and he remained unemployed. Due to the stress he suffered while in prison and his unemployment situation, Tony turned to alcohol and this ultimately caused him to push Michelle away.

What happened to Tony Almeida After Season 7?

After surviving an explosion that killed his wife Michelle, he later attempted to kill Christopher Henderson – the man who ordered her death – with a lethal injection, only for Henderson to stab him with the needle instead. Tony later died in Jack Bauer’s arms and was last seen being zipped up in a body bag.

Why did Dennis Haysbert leave 24?

Haysbert says that he refused to return to film Palmer’s death scene for a “great many months”, but was eventually convinced by the showrunner to come back (via New York Magazine). The writers and the showrunner deemed his death necessary for the benefit of the story.

Who married Kim Bauer in 24?

Stephen Wesley
Kimberly ‘Kim’ Bauer is a fictional character played by Elisha Cuthbert on the television series 24. She is portrayed as the only daughter of the show’s main character, Jack Bauer and his wife Teri….

Kim Bauer
Spouse Stephen Wesley
Children Teri Wesley (daughter) Unnamed son

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