Who owns the rights to Solar Man of the Atom?

Who owns the rights to Solar Man of the Atom?

Currently, Dynamite Entertainment owns the rights to the character, as well as Magnus, Turok, and Doctor Spektor, another of Gold Key’s classic heroes. While its Solar: Man of the Atom series only lasted 12 issues between 2014 and 2015, it remains one of the most recent revisitations of this one-time Valiant icon.

Who is dr Solar?

Solar is an American fictional comic book superhero created by writer Paul S. Newman, editor Matt Murphy, and artist Bob Fujitani….Solar (comics)

Alter ego (Dr.) Raymond Solar Phil Seleski Frank and Helena Seleski Philip Solar
Notable aliases Doctor Solar Man of the Atom

How Much Is Solar Man of the Atom?

Solar, Man of the Atom #5 ~ CGC SS 9.6 NM+ (Valiant – 01/92) 3 X Signatures!…Solar Man of the Atom (1991) comic books.

$25 Solar Man Of The Atom 3 Valiant Comic Book 1992 1st App Toyo Harada VF
$225 Valiant Comics Solar, Man of the Atom #3 CGC 9.8 White Pages Toyo Harada Thumper

How many valiant movies are there?

4 There will be five movies in the first stage of the franchise. In the first stage of the VCU⁠—the MCU calls these “Phases,” but the VCU has yet to announce a name for them —there will be five movies. This was part of a five-picture deal signed by Valiant Comics, Sony Pictures, and Original Film.

What Valiant Comics are valuable?

Undervalued comics #18 – List of rare valiant comics in 9.8 that have potential value

Issue 9.8 Print Run
Archer & Armstrong 0 173 100,000
Shadowman 1 233 50,000
Eternal Warrior #4 266 100,000
XO-Manowar 1 436 80,000

Will there be more Valiant Comics movies?

Valiant Comics Cinematic Universe Will Push Forward with Bloodshot 2 Officially Happening. Valiant Comics Cinematic Universe Is Still Coming Despite Bloodshot’s Underwhelming Performance. At the start of 2020, Vin Diesel starred in the movie adaptation of the Valiant Comics series Bloodshot.

How much are bloodshot comics worth?

Limited to 2,500 copies and includes a certificate of authenticity from Valiant Comics. Chromium cover. Cover price $3.50. Published 1993 by Valiant….Bloodshot (1993 1st Series) comic books.

$5 Bloodshot #0
$79 Bloodshot 0 CGC 9.6 | Valiant 1994 | Eternal Warrior. Chromium Wraparound Cover.
$87 Bloodshot #0 CGC 9.8 Chromium Cover Variant Valiant 1994

Are any image comics worth anything?

The first issue of Spawn at Image Comics was a big deal for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which were numerous variant covers by series creator Todd McFarlane. One of the most valuable of these variants is the simple black and white edition, which can go for as high as $1,000.

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