Who owns RNR Tire Express?

Who owns RNR Tire Express?

Larry Sutton
Larry Sutton, president and founder of RNR Tire Express, started the company in 2000, and the first franchise opened in 2003. Today, RNR has 16 multi-unit franchisees with nearly 100 stores across 24 states.

What company is RNR?

RNR Tire Express is a national franchise retailer of quality tires and custom wheels offered with convenient, affordable payment options designed to fit each customer’s unique budget. Established in 2000 as RENT-n-ROLL, RNR has grown to over 145 locations in 26 states.

How many RNR locations are there?

Over 20 Years of Serving Founded in 2000 in Tampa, FL by Larry Sutton, RNR has expanded across the nation with over 150 locations in 26 states.

What does R and R mean tires?

The 121R sequence tells us the tire’s maximum load rating or the amount of weight the tire can bear (in kilograms; in this case 121), and the R gives us the speed rating, or how fast the tire can safely rotate.

Are Eldorado tires made by Cooper?

Now, over 45 years later, Eldorado has grown to become the leading supplier of replacement tires on the market. Manufactured by Cooper Tire, Eldorado has earned a reputation for being a cornerstone of reliability and quality. The company’s guiding principles are based on performance, engineering and value.

Are Eldorado tires made in USA?

13. Where are Eldorado Tires made? Eldorado tires are made in Findlay, Ohio, the USA by the Cooper Tire and Rubber Co on behalf of its parent company, the Sumitomo Tire Company of Japan.

What does RNR mean in court?

Appraisal of the Risk-Need-Responsivity (RNR) Model of Offender Rehabilitation and Its Application in Correctional Treatment | Office of Justice Programs. Official websites use .gov. A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States.

What is monthly RNR?

RnR stands for Rewards and Recognition. An employee reward and recognition program is a special program developed by companies to recognize employees for their contributions to the success of a business.

What does 111h mean on tires?

ยท 3 years ago. 117H is the load and speed rating of the tire. 117 means that tire has a maximum rated load of about 2833 lbs, while the maximum rated load of a 111 is 2403 lbs. On the other the letter is the speed index, a tire with a speed index has a maximum rated speed of 130 mph.

Are Hercules tires made in China?

In short, Because an American Tire Distribution owns Hercules, most of its goods are made in the United States. Cooper Tire, which lends Hercules its production capabilities, is a business with which Hercules has a partnership.

Does Cooper make Eldorado tires?

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