Who owned Amart All Sports?

Who owned Amart All Sports?

Super Retail Group
Super Retail Group, who also operates Rebel Sport, acquired the Amart Sports business in November 2011.

Who owns amart?

Quadrant Private Equity
Amart is majority owned by Australian private equity firm Quadrant Private Equity, who took full control of the retailer in 2016. The deal valued Super Amart at about $400 million.

What happened to Amart Sports?

SUPER RETAIL GROUP SAYS GOODBYE TO AMART SPORTS BRAND A BRAND synonymous with Australian sporting goods, Amart Sports, will be retired from 1 November 2017. Super Retail Group (ASX: SUL) today announced the company’s Amart Sports stores will be converted into Rebel stores by 31 October 2017.

Is Amart now a rebel?

Super Retail Group has decided to discontinue the Amart Sports and convert its 65 stores into Rebel Sport as part of a consolidation strategy designed to defend against the entry of Amazon, Decathlon and JD Sports.

Is Amart furniture made in China?

All products sourced directly by Amart Furniture from overseas suppliers originate from supply chains based in the Asia region, principally China, Vietnam and Malaysia, in order of volume.

Is Amart Australian made?

Amart Furniture is an Australian manufacturer of indoor and outdoor furniture, bedding, and homewares.

Did Rebel buy Amart Sports?

Amart Sports, a 40-year-old brand, is being swallowed by Rebel. Amart Sports will be gone by November. SUPER Retail Group is ditching its Amart Sports brand. The company will convert its network of 65 Amart Sports stores into Rebel stores by the end of October, bringing the total to 157 outlets under the one banner.

Is fantastic furniture Australian made?

Fantastic Furniture started manufacturing Australian made sofas and lounges in 1992. Today, the Sydney-based factory is the largest manufacturer of sofas in the Southern Hemisphere and produce and deliver over 130,000 sofas and lounges each year.

Is Amart furniture Australian made?

Is Amart Furniture made in China?

Who founded Rebel Sport?

Rebel Sport was established in 1985 with its first store in Bankstown. After being listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 1993, it was purchased by Harvey Norman in July 2001. Archer Capital acquired Amart Sports in 2004. Amart was a big format sports store headquartered in Queensland.

Who owns Nick Scali?

Founder. Nick D. Scali, the founder of Nick Scali Furniture, continues to serve as a consultant to the company and is considered to be a pioneer and innovator in the import and retail of furniture in Australia and New Zealand.

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