Who makes American Woodmark?

Who makes American Woodmark?

American Woodmark is a kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturer, headquartered in Winchester, Virginia….American Woodmark.

Type Public
Key people M. Scott Culbreth (CEO)
Products cabinets
Services cabinetry installation
Revenue US$1.25B(FY 2018)

Is Shenandoah cabinets the same as American Woodmark?

Shenandoah cabinetry is built by American Woodmark one of the world’s largest cabinet manufacturers.

How do you care for American Woodmark cabinets?

Polish wood and laminate cabinet surfaces once every few months but do not use paste wax, as it builds up and is difficult to remove and will leave a residue that attracts dust and moisture. Do not use polishes containing silicone. Clean spills immediately. Use a clean damp cloth and mild soap if necessary.

Where are Allen and Roth cabinets made?

Allen + Roth Cabinets have been manufactured in Winnipeg, Manitoba for over 50 years.

Who makes Allen Roth cabinets?

American Woodmark Corporation
American Woodmark Corporation, the manufacturer of allen + roth kitchen cabinetry, hereby warrants to the original purchaser, for residential applications only, that all cabinets and accessories are free from defects in materials and workmanship.

How do you care for American Woodmark Cabinets?

Are waypoint cabinets real wood?

Some homeowners want to know just two things about cabinetry. WayPoint uses only quality hardwoods to build doors, cabinet boxes, drawers and roll trays. The side panels are 1/2″ thick hardwood plywood, which is strong enough to support granite countertops.

Can you use pledge on kitchen cabinets?

Use Pledge® Moisturizing Oil to clean wood kitchen cabinets, windowsills, decorative trim, tables, chairs and more*. Or, get this: You can use it on your leather shoes. Try that on for size. *Safe to use only on finished, sealed surfaces.

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