Who is tool in ship breaker?

Who is tool in ship breaker?

Tool is a mixture of human, dog, and tiger, the product of genetic modification. He’s hugely muscled and dominant, and though half-men are bred to be intensely loyal to one person, Tool is not. He’s mercenary, selling his services to the highest bidder.

What happens to tool in ship breaker?

Agreeing to protect Nailer as he journeys north, Tool eventually leaves on his own in Lousiana. After being captured by the United Patriot Front, Tool breaks free, worn down by its squads and a fight with a wild alligator.

What is the setting of ship breaker?

Ship Breaker takes place on the Gulf Coast in a dystopian future, in the general vicinity of present-day New Orleans. Bright Sands Beach: The beach that Nailer, Pina and the rest of their crew and families call home.

What genre is ship breaker?

Science fictionYoung adult fiction
Ship Breaker/Genres

Who is blue eyes in ship breaker?

Blue Eyes. Blue Eyes is a pretty scary member of Richard Lopez’s crew. She’s tattooed and scarred and has made gifts to the Harvesters and Life Cult (most likely giving a kidney and the eggs from her ovaries), which makes her dangerous.

Why did tool not go into the dauntless with nailer?

Why did tool not go into the dauntless with Nailer? Packing a Powerful Punch He’s hugely muscled and dominant, and though half-men are bred to be intensely loyal to one person, Tool is not.

Why did Nailer and Pima run into the jungle?

While searching for salvage, they find a girl who is almost dead, and after much debate, decide to rescue the girl instead of killing her. The girl, once she regains consciousness, says people will reward them, and Nailer and Pima reluctantly decide to trust her. Then Richard and his crew enter the camp.

Who wrote Shipbreaker?

Paolo BacigalupiShip Breaker / Author

How many pages does ship breaker have?

Ship Breaker

Ship Breaker
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780316163361,
Classification: Fiction
Number of pages: 221,

Is ship breaker a dystopian novel?

Ship Breaker, for example, is dystopia at its grittiest and least fantastical. Roughly a hundred years from now, the ice caps have melted, causing sea levels to rise, particularly on the old southern coast of America, near what used to be New Orleans.

What happens to sloth in ship breaker?

As he’s working with a crewmember, Sloth, though, he falls into a vat of oil. Sloth decides to leave him to his fate (not super nice), and Nailer eventually finds his way out and tumbles into the ocean.

Who was PYCE in Shipbreaker?

Nathaniel Pyce He was working for Nita’s father, but decided to use some of the company’s resources for his own gain, and now he wants to use Nita to pressure her father to allow him to refine tar sands; thus, the relentless pursuit of her.

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