Who is the youngest cadet in AOT?

Who is the youngest cadet in AOT?

Attack On Titan: 10 Youngest Survey Corps Members, Ranked By Age

  1. 1 Bertholdt Hoover — 21. Bertholdt is also a Scouts’ former member.
  2. 2 Annie Leonhart — 20.
  3. 3 Sasha Braus — 20.
  4. 4 Mikasa Ackerman — 19.
  5. 5 Eren Yeager — 19.
  6. 6 Jean Kirstein — 19.
  7. 7 Connie Springer — 19.
  8. 8 Floch — 19.

Who are the top 10 in Eren’s class?


v – e – t Cadet Corps
104th Southern Division
Commandants Keith Sadies †
Top 10 Mikasa Ackermann · Reiner Braun · Bertholdt Hoover † · Annie Leonhart · Eren Jaeger · Jean Kirschtein · Marco Bodt † · Conny Springer · Sasha Braus † · Historia Reiss

Who were the top 10 AOT?

Top 10 Attack on Titan Characters

  1. #1: Mikasa Ackerman.
  2. #2: Levi.
  3. #3: Jean Kirstein.
  4. #4: Annie Leonhart.
  5. #5: Eren Jaeger.
  6. #6: Armin Arlert.
  7. #7: Sasha Blouse.
  8. #8: Reiner Braun.

Who were the top 10 trainees in AOT?

Top Ten Trainees from the 104th Training Corps

  • Mikasa Ackerman.
  • Reiner Braun.
  • Bertolt Goover.
  • Annie Leonhart.
  • Eren Yeager.
  • Jean Kirstein.
  • Marco Bott.
  • Connie Springer.

Who is the tallest person in AOT?

One of the tallest is Armin Arlelt and Bertholdt Hoover’s Colossal Titan, which is 60 meters tall. Attack on Titan is well known for its wide cast and often reshuffling essential characters….Attack on Titan Character Height Chart.

Character Ymir
Height S1-3 5’8″ (172.7 cm)
Height S4 5’8″ (172.7 cm)
Titan Height 5 meters

Who is the oldest Survey Corps member?

1 Ymir – 60+ She explained that she had turned into a Titan and wandered around for over 60 years until coming to Paradis, which makes her the oldest member of the Corps. She had a close relationship with Historia and was willing to sacrifice herself to make sure that those she cared about could continue to live on.

Who ranked 1st in the 104th Training Corps?

1) Mikasa Ackerman Last but certainly not least, Mikasa Ackerman is ranked as the number one cadet who trained in the 104th. Her skills and drive are incredible, even outranking those with prior military training experience.

How big is Ymir’s founding Titan?

Zeke Yeager wanted to use this ability to make all Subjects of Ymir sterile, so they would die out in a generation and rid the world of Titans once and for all. Additionally, the Founding Titan was known to have a height of around 13 m.

What is Levi’s height?

¹ Erwin Smith’s age has not been revealed, but he was in grade school when his father died around Year 825. By Year 850, Erwin is the Survey Corps’ commander and, presumably, a few years older than Levi….Attack On Titan Statistics Chart.

Character Levi Ackerman
Age 30-33
Birthday December 25th
Height 5’3″ / 160cm

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