Who is the number 1 Yasuo in the world?

Who is the number 1 Yasuo in the world?

twtv itakute NA
How are players ranked?

# Summoner KDA
1. twtv itakute NA (#1) Challenger 5.8 4.1 5.7
2. Nader NA (#2) Challenger 6.0 3.7 6.1
3. Zeri Go BRRRR NA (#3) Diamond I 7.9 5.9 5.3
4. Always Against 9 NA (#4) Challenger 4.8 5.2 5.4

What is Yassuo rank?

Ladder Rank 4,791 (0.3485% of top) • 100 Thieves [Yassuo]

How many points does Yassuo have on Yasuo?

Most Played Champions

Yasuo Level 7 2,613,644 POINTS
Braum Level 4 15,198 POINTS
Ezreal Level 4 15,104 POINTS
Kai’Sa Level 4 14,995 POINTS
Ryze Level 4 14,610 POINTS

Who is the strongest Yasuo player?

Best Yasuo players

  • Renata Glasc.
  • Vex.
  • Zeri.

Who has the most pentakills in professional play?

Cloud9’s AD carry Zven takes the record for most pentakills in an LCS career with five.

Who are the pentakill champions?

Draven. First up is a marksman champion who has insane damage output.

  • Vayne. Our next champion is also a marksman.
  • Darius. Moving away from marksmen, let’s take a look at one of the strongest top laners during season 12.
  • Samira. Oh yeah, another marksman who can get pentakills quickly.
  • Katarina.
  • Kassadin.
  • Master Yi.
  • Who is the best Yasuo?

    NitoV2 EUW
    How are players ranked?

    # Summoner Winrate
    1. NitoV2 EUW (#1) Master 80.7%
    2. ZeKiSRB EUNE (#2) GrandMaster 80.3%
    3. Eu Wind BR (#3) Master 71.9%
    4. IMPROVE ALL DAY EUW (#4) Master 72.0%

    Who has the most points on Yasuo?


    Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
    1st PGset (NA) 6,536,984
    2nd 혼돈 야스오 (KR) 6,231,707
    3rd Fabled Emperor (NA) 5,561,866
    4th IR YORSTACK (LAN) 5,514,410

    Who has the most mastery on Yasuo?


    Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
    1st PGset (NA) 6,513,378
    2nd 혼돈 야스오 (KR) 6,226,690
    3rd Fabled Emperor (NA) 5,542,492
    4th IR YORSTACK (LAN) 5,452,243

    Is Yassuo a pro player?

    “Yassuo” (Real Name: Hammoudi Abdalrhman) is an American League of Legends player and a full-time streamer for 100 Thieves….Yassuo.

    Name Hammoudi Abdalrhman
    Birthday June 15, 1999 (age 22)
    Height 6 ft.5(196 cm)
    Est. Net Worth $1.2 million

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