Who is the Marion County Indiana auditor?

Who is the Marion County Indiana auditor?

Auditor Julie Voorhies
Auditor Julie Voorhies She has managed offices and operations for local businesses throughout central Indiana, including a local engineering and surveying firm.

What does the Marion County auditor do?

Real Estate taxes are “ad valorem” taxes. This means that they are based on the fair market value of the property. The County Auditor is responsible for determining this value by studying the market people create as they buy and sell property.

Why did I receive a check from auditor of state of Indiana?

receive and deposit/cash their check to avoid unused funds being sent to the Unclaimed Property Division within the Attorney General’s (AG) Office.

How do I look up property taxes in Indiana?

The state Treasurer does not manage property tax. Please contact your county Treasurer’s office. Go to http://www.in.gov/mylocal/ and choose your county to view a list of county Web sites.

What is a mortgage exemption in Indiana?

If you are buying property on a recorded mortgage or recorded contract and are a resident of Indiana, you could qualify for a mortgage deduction on your property tax bill. This deduction is either one-half of the property’s assessed value or $3,000, whichever is less.

What is Auditor Office?

In an office audit, a representative from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) interviews the taxpayer and inspects the taxpayer’s records in-person, usually at an IRS office. The purpose of an office audit is to make sure the taxpayer is accurately reporting income and deductions and paying the lawful amount of tax.

Why did I get an Indiana tax refund?

Some common reasons that a tax refund would take longer to process include incomplete or incorrect forms, calculation or clerical errors or filing duplicate returns. Be sure to sign your tax return electronically or on paper, and double-check account and routing numbers if receiving your refund via direct deposit.

What is Indiana surplus?

INDIANAPOLIS — Hoosiers can soon expect an additional tax refund from the state. Nearly all Indiana taxpayers will receive a one-time $125 automatic taxpayer refund after the state finished its fiscal year with a surplus. This means $545 million to be sent to Indiana residents as a refundable tax credit.

How do I pay my property taxes in Indiana?

Other Ways to Pay Your Property Taxes

  1. Pay by phone. To pay your property tax by phone, call 317.327. 4TAX (4829) or 1.888.
  2. Pay by mail. Mail your property tax payment to:
  3. Pay at a participating bank. Pay your full property tax bill at one of these participating banks:

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