Who is the girl in Young MC Bust a Move video?

Who is the girl in Young MC Bust a Move video?

Turns out her name is Cindyana Santangelo. This is some minor league Google search wizardry, and you can thank me later. What I didn’t know is that she’s also the voice from the beginning of the 1990 Jane’s Addiction album, Ritual de lo Habitual.

How much money did Young MC make off of Bust a Move?

“The bass line I wrote ended up being a major melody of the tune,” Flea said. “And I felt I deserved song-writing credit and money because it was a No. 1 hit. They sold millions of records, and I got $200!

How old is rapper Young MC?

54 years (May 10, 1967)Young MC / Age

What year did Bust a Move come out?

1989Bust a Move / Released

Did Flea play guitar on Bust A Move?

“Bust a Move” also featured guest vocals by Crystal Blake and bass guitar by Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, both of whom also appeared in the video….Bust a Move (song)

“Bust a Move”
Songwriter(s) Marvin Young Matt Dike Michael Ross
Producer(s) Matt Dike Michael Ross
Young MC singles chronology

What does buss a move mean?

To depart
(African-American Vernacular, idiomatic, transitive) To depart. “It’s time to go. Let’s bust a move.” (African-American Vernacular, idiomatic, transitive) To save oneself from an awkward situation with a woman. “Hey, did you see Bob last night with that chick?” “Yeah, he had to bust a move and got laid.”

Did Flea write bassline bust a move?

Fueled by a sample-heavy production, Flea’s popping bassline, and infectious rhymes written in a University of Southern California dorm by economics major Marvin Young, “Bust A Move” helped usher in the era of pop-rap — songs squeaky clean enough for the whole family and infectious enough to bombard Billboard.

Who rapped bust a move?

Young MC’s
Christopher R. Weingarten’s Most Recent Stories. Twenty summers ago, Young MC’s “Bust A Move” was inescapable, a G-rated funk-bomb integral to hip-hop’s eventual mainstream acceptance.

What song does bust a move sample?

The syncopated rhythm guitar figure on “Bust a Move” was a sample from “Found a Child,” a 1970 album cut from the debut record of the Seattle-based rock band, Ballin’ Jack.

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