Who is the director of Freedom Writers?

Who is the director of Freedom Writers?

Richard LaGraveneseFreedom Writers / DirectorRichard LaGravenese is an American screenwriter and film director, known for The Fisher King, The Bridges of Madison County, and Behind the Candelabra. Wikipedia

What happened to Andre in Freedom Writers?

He also liked to participate in class assignments such as reading the diary of Anne Frank, and raising money for Miep Gies to come to Wilson High. But, when he went to his brothers trial and found out his sentence was declared, Andre went back to his old ways by selling drugs and skipping school.

What happened to the teacher from Freedom Writers?

Gruwell was right; Sue Ellen was dyslexic. And after the diagnosis, Sue Ellen’s grades improved. She graduated from Wilson and obtained degrees from Long Beach City College and Cal State Long Beach. She now works in the Freedom Writers Foundation created by Gruwell in 1997.

Which character was Manny in the Freedom Writers movie?

character Marcus
Manuel “Manny” Scott’s early life was in part the inspiration for the character Marcus in the 2007 movie “Freedom Writers.” Scott spoke during a Cumberland County Schools virtual community outreach event called “Gathering of the Village.”

Who is Freedom Writers based on?

Erin Gruwell
Erin Gruwell The film is based on The Freedom Writers Diary, the New York Times Bestseller that chronicles Erin’s extraordinary journey with her 150 high school students who dubbed themselves the “Freedom Writers” in homage to the Freedom Riders of the Civil Rights Movement.

Who is Margaret Campbell in Freedom Writers?

Imelda Staunton
Freedom Writers (2007) – Imelda Staunton as Margaret Campbell – IMDb.

Who did Paco shoot in Freedom Writers?

At Grant’s trial, she shocks the courtroom by revealing that Paco actually killed Sindy’s boyfriend at the scene; Grant is spared of being convicted while Paco is sentenced, Sindy later forgives Eva.

What happens to Eva in Freedom Writers?

Afterward, Eva is attacked and threatened, but ultimately spared by her fellow gang members, who dissociate from her, and she moves in with her aunt for safety. Meanwhile, Erin asks her students to write their diaries in book form. She compiles the entries and names it The Freedom Writers Diary.

Who are the actors in Freedom Writers?

Freedom Writers is a 2007 film starring Hilary Swank, Scott Glenn, Imelda Staunton and Patrick Dempsey.

Is Freedom Writers based on a true story?

Freedom Writers. Freedom Writers is a 2007 drama film written and directed by Richard LaGravenese and starring Hilary Swank, Scott Glenn, Imelda Staunton, Patrick Dempsey and Mario . It is based on the book The Freedom Writers Diary by teacher Erin Gruwell who wrote the story based on Woodrow Wilson Classical High School in Long…

How much money did the movie Freedom Writers make?

The film ends with a note that Erin successfully prepared numerous high school students to graduate and attend college—for many, the first in their families to do so. Freedom Writers had a domestic gross of $36,605,602 and had a foreign gross of $6,485,139 bringing the movie to a total gross of $43,090,741 worldwide.

What are the reviews of Freedom Writers?

Freedom Writers has received mostly positive reviews from critics. The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes provides links to 126 reviews, 70% of which are positive.

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