Who is st Joseph Cafasso?

Who is st Joseph Cafasso?

Joseph Cafasso, OFS (Italian: Giuseppe Cafasso; 15 January 1811 – 23 June 1860) was an Italian Roman Catholic priest who was a significant social reformer in Turin. He was one of the so-called “Social Saints” who emerged during that particular era.

Who was called the Apostle of the prisons in Turin?

He is one of the pioneers of Mutual Aid Societies that were initiated as collaborative financial support to young migrant Catholic Workers in the city of Turin….John Bosco.

Saint John Bosco “Don Bosco” S.D.B.
Died 31 January 1888 (aged 72) Turin, Kingdom of Italy
Venerated in Catholic Church Anglican Communion

What did John Bosco?

John Bosco was an Italian Catholic saint, founder of religious orders and writer. He was affectionately known as Don Bosco and is renowned for his work in educating and rehabilitating poor and disadvantaged youth. Born into a poor family, he took up odd jobs as a boy to help his widowed mother.

Why is Bosco famous?

John Bosco (Don Bosco), a young priest who focused his concern on the orphaned and homeless child labourers he encountered in Turin, Italy. In 1859, inspired by the example of St. Francis de Sales, Don Bosco founded the Salesians to befriend, educate, and help these impoverished boys.

Where was Bosco born?

Castelnuovo Don Bosco, ItalyJohn Bosco / Place of birth

Who first inspired John Bosco to be a priest?

Apart from his mother, who was the first to encourage John Bosco to be a priest – The Parish Priest of Castelnuovo. 126.

What was Saint John Bosco known for?

John Bosco, Italian in full San Giovanni Melchior Bosco, byname Don Bosco, (born August 16, 1815, Becchi, near Turin, Piedmont, kingdom of Sardinia [Italy]—died January 31, 1888, Turin; canonized April 1, 1934; feast day January 31), Roman Catholic priest who was a pioneer in educating the poor and founded the Salesian …

What can we learn from St John Bosco?

He taught that educators should act like caring parents; always be gentle and prudent; allow for the thoughtlessness of youth; be alert for hidden motives; speak kindly; give timely advice; and ‘correct often’. Alongside love, Don Bosco stressed the importance of reason and religion.

Who was Saint Joseph Cafasso?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Saint Joseph Cafasso (Italian: Giuseppe Cafasso; 15 January 1811 – 23 June 1860) was an Italian Roman Catholic priest who was a significant social reformer in Turin.

What was Giuseppe Cafasso’s childhood like?

Giuseppe Cafasso was born to peasants in Castelnuovo d’Asti as the third of four children. His sister Marianna (the fourth and last child) was later to become the mother of Giuseppe Allamano. Cafasso had been born with a deformed spine which contributed to his short stature and frail constitution.

Was Cafasso a model individual?

It was often said that no one who knew Cafasso as a child ever could recall him having sinned seeing him as a model individual. In his childhood Cafasso felt called to become a priest and so commenced his ecclesial studies in Turin and Chieri in order to achieve his dream.

What did St Joseph do as a young man?

Even as a young man, Joseph loved to attend Mass and was known for his humility and fervor in prayer. After his ordination, he was assigned to a seminary in Turin. There he worked especially against the spirit of Jansenism—an excessive preoccupation with sin and damnation.

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