Who is Josef Mengele?

Who is Josef Mengele?

Josef Mengele. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Nazi SS doctor who experimented on prisoners at Auschwitz. Josef Mengele ([ˈjoːzɛf ˈmɛŋələ] (listen); 16 March 1911 – 7 February 1979) was a German Schutzstaffel (SS) officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II.

What did Josef Mengele do in Auschwitz?

Josef Mengele (March 16, 1911 – February 7, 1979) was a German SS officer and a physician in the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz. During the first years of World War II Mengele served as a medical officer in the Waffen-SS. After being wounded and recovered in 1942, he went working at the Race and Resettlement Office in Berlin.

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What happened to Josef Mengele’s body?

His body was buried in Embu das Artes under the name “Wolfgang Gerhard”, whose identification Mengele had been using since 1971. Other aliases used by Mengele in his later life included “Dr. Fausto Rindón” and “S. Josi Alvers Aspiazu”. Forensic anthropologists examine Mengele’s skull in 1986.

What happened to Josef Mengele at Birkenau?

Several weeks after its liquidation, in November 1943 Mengele undertook a new position as Chief Camp Physician of Auschwitz II (Birkenau). He was still under Wirths’ jurisdiction.

What happened to Josef Mengele after Kursk?

That summer, another German army was eviscerated at Kursk. Between the two battles, during the meatgrinder offensive at Rostov, Mengele was severely wounded and rendered unfit for further action.

Was Josef Mengele the highest-ranking physician at Auschwitz?

During his time at Auschwitz, Josef Mengele was not the only physician there. It is popularly believed that he was the highest-ranking physician at the camp. This is not the case. That “distinction” belonged to SS captain Dr. Eduard Wirths.

What did Josef Mengele do at Auschwitz?

Josef Mengele. Josef Mengele (/ˈmɛŋɡələ/; German: [ˈmɛŋələ]; 16 March 1911 – 7 February 1979) was a German Schutzstaffel (SS) officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. He performed deadly human experiments on prisoners and was a member of the team of doctors who selected victims to be killed in the gas chambers.

Did Josef Mengele own a farmhouse in Germany?

In 1969, Mengele and the Stammers jointly purchased a farmhouse in Caieiras, with Mengele as half owner. When Wolfgang Gerhard returned to Germany in 1971 to seek medical treatment for his ailing wife and son, he gave his identity card to Mengele.

What happened to Josef Mengele’s Angel of death?

The “Angel of Death” dies. He became a citizen of Paraguay in 1959. He later moved to Brazil, where he met up with another former Nazi party member, Wolfgang Gerhard. In 1985, a multinational team of forensic experts traveled to Brazil in search of Mengele. They determined that a man named Gerhard had died of a stroke while swimming in 1979.

Why was Josef Mengele called the “White Angel”?

These selections determined who from among the mass of humanity arriving at Auschwitz would be retained for work and who would perish immediately in the gas chambers. Mengele is known as the “Angel of Death,” or sometimes as the “White Angel,” for his coldly cruel demeanor on the ramp.

How did Josef Mengele get a West German passport?

After obtaining a copy of his birth certificate through the West German embassy in 1956, Mengele was issued with an Argentine foreign residence permit under his real name. He used this document to obtain a West German passport, using his real name and embarked on a trip to Europe.

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