Who is Hikawa Kiyoshi?

Who is Hikawa Kiyoshi?

Kiyoshi Hikawa (氷川 きよし, Hikawa Kiyoshi) is a Japanese enka singer who was born on September 6, 1977 in Minami-ku, Fukuoka, Japan. His real name is Kiyoshi Yamada (山田 清志, Yamada Kiyoshi) and he is known as “The Prince of Enka” (演歌界の貴公子, Enkakai no Kikōshi) due to his young age and popularity.

What is Hikawa’s record company?

His record company is Columbia Music Entertainment, and his agency is Nagara Productions. He was given his stage name by Takeshi Kitano, who initially supported his career. Today, Hikawa makes frequent appearances on NHK Kayō Concert (NHK歌謡コンサート), as well as NHK’s annual Kōhaku Uta Gassen.

Where does Hiroyuki Hikawa travel?

Hikawa has traveled around the world, including to the United States. In 2003, he was the guest of honor at Hawaii’s week-long Aloha Festival, where he participated in a parade with various Japan-based hula halau, and ended the week with a concert.

What is Hikawa’s first anime theme song?

At Jump Festa 2017, it was announced that Hikawa would sing his first anime theme song, which was Dragon Ball Super’s second opening theme, “Genkai Toppa x Survivor”. It was composed by Takafumi Iwasaki and the lyrics were written by Yukinojo Mori.

How many albums has Kiyoshi Hikawa released?

Japanese enka singer Kiyoshi Hikawa has released thirty-eight studio albums, three extended plays (EPs), forty-two singles (including one as a featured artist), eight promotional singles, and twenty-eight video albums. In 2000, Hikawa released “Hakone Hachiri no Hanjirō” (箱根八里の半次郎) as his debut single.

What episode is Hikawa Kiyoshi in Dragon Ball Super?

” Hikawa Kiyoshi) is an anime avatar of the singer Kiyoshi Hikawa that appeared on the Dragon Ball Super from the episode: episode 115 highlight on some episodes. He is a tall, brown-haired, black eyed man with a handsome appearance and muscular build, wearing orange Gi .

How old is Hiroyuki Hikawa?

Hikawa was born on September 6, 1977 in Minami-ku, Fukuoka, Japan. As a high school student, Hikawa was a member of the school’s performing arts club (芸能部 , geinō-bu) and trained to be a singer after graduation from high school in 1995, Hikawa travelled to Tokyo, where he became an apprentice under the supervision of Hideo Mizumori.

Is Hikawa a girl or a boy?

Since 2019, Hikawa has begun dressing in both masculine and feminine fashion, coming out as “genderless” in 2020. That same year, they made history by performing on Kouhaku without being assigned to either the Red (female) or White (male) team.

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