Who is Astrix?

Who is Astrix?

Avi Shmailov (Hebrew: אבי שמיילוב) under his stage name Astrix, is an Israeli trance music DJ and producer specializing in the subgenre of Progressive psychedelic trance.

Where is Astrix from?

Soviet UnionAstrix / Place of birthThe Soviet Union, officially the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, was a socialist and communist state that spanned much of Eurasia from 1922 to 1991. It was nominally a federal union of fifteen national republics; in practice its government and economy were highly centralized until its final years. Wikipedia

What music genre is Astrix?


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Avi Shmailov ( Hebrew: אבי שמיילוב) under his stage name Astrix, is an Israeli trance music DJ and producer specializing in the subgenre of Progressive psychedelic trance.

What record label is Astrix on?

Astrix released five full-length studio albums at the record label HOM-Mega Productions, based in Israel. In his albums Astrix collaborated with artists who were also involved in the psytrance scene, such as Infected Mushroom, Atomic Pulse, Domestic, Sub6, Psycraft, Xerox and Illumination.

What is the sound of Astrix?

Author Graham St John, of the book The Local Scenes and Global Culture of Psytrance, noted about Astrix’s sound, “crisp spacious acoustics”. Astrix has been cited as being musically influenced by Infected Mushroom. “I look up to them for inspiration and for some kind of spiritual fuel as it were.”

What is aastrix?

Astrix ’s musical agenda is the ultimate clash, where underground vs. mainstream transforms to uplifting Trance composed with sophisticated melodies, a sprinkle of progressive House, and some occasional vocals. This audio clash is where Astrix’s music have emerged from & been embraced by hundreds of thousands across so many nations and continents.

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