Who is Arsene Wenger?

Who is Arsene Wenger?

As of November 2019, Wenger became FIFA ‘s Chief of Global Football Development. A role where he is responsible for overseeing and driving the growth and development of the sport. He also takes senior authority as a member of the Football and Technical Advisory Panels involved in IFAB review giving judgement on rule changes mandated by FIFA.

How do I contact Wenger?

Call us: 1.800.4.WENGER (493-6437) Email us: [email protected] About Us Careers Contact Us Log In. No other company meets and exceeds the product needs of the music education, performing arts and athletic markets like Wenger.

What does Arsen Wenger stand for?

Arsène Charles Ernest Wenger OBE ( French pronunciation: ​ [aʁsɛn vɛŋɡɛʁ]; born 22 October 1949) is a French former football manager and player who is currently serving as FIFA ‘s Chief of Global Football Development. He was the manager of Arsenal from 1996 to 2018, where he was the longest-serving and most successful in the club’s history.

What did The Wengers do for a living?

The Wengers owned an automobile spare parts business and a bistro titled La croix d’or. In his book, My Life in Red and White, Wenger says the “alcohol, brawling and violence” of the bistro’s patrons sparked his early interest in human psychology.

Why did Arsene Wenger move Arsenal to Emirates Stadium?

In the summer of 2006, Wenger oversaw Arsenal’s relocation to the Emirates Stadium. During the construction phase, he described the move as “vital” to the club’s financial future and believed Arsenal were better able to attract the best players.

Where did Arsene Wenger go to school?

The primary school which Wenger attended was run by the Catholic Church, and as one of its brightest students, he later was accepted into a secondary school in Obernai. According to his father, who also managed the village team, Wenger was introduced to football “at about the age of six”.

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