Who funded the Soviet Afghan war?

Who funded the Soviet Afghan war?

Soviet–Afghan relations post-1920s Since 1947, Afghanistan had been under the influence of the Soviet government and received large amounts of aid, economic assistance, military equipment training and military hardware from the Soviet Union.

How did the Soviet Afghan war affect the economy?

The effect of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan has been catastrophic for the development of the Afghan economy. The evidence suggest6 a serious decline in the gross national producc (GNP) and the abandonment of many Soviet- aided industrial projects which had been completed or were under construction in 1979.

Who funded the Mujahideen?

The mujahideen benefited from expanded foreign military support from the United States, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, United Kingdom and other Muslim nations. Saudi Arabia in particular agreed to match dollar for dollar the money the CIA was sending to the Mujahideen.

What is the capital city of Afghanistan?

KabulAfghanistan / Capital

How did the Soviet-Afghan war impact Afghanistan?

In the brutal nine-year conflict, an estimated one million civilians were killed, as well as 90,000 Mujahideen fighters and 18,000 Afghan troops. The country was left in ruins. Several million Afghans had either fled to Pakistan for refuge or had become internal refugees.

How much money did the US give to the Mujahideen?

More than $20 billion in U.S. funds was funneled into the country to train and arm the Afghan resistance groups. The support proved vital to the mujahideen’s efforts against the Soviets.

How many Afghans fled their homes during the war with the Soviet Union?

six million people
Costs of war During the time of the Soviet occupation, over six million people fled the country. Although many returned after the Soviet withdrawal, there are still over two million Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan, making Afghans the largest single refugee group in the world.

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