Who dies in the last hope warriors?

Who dies in the last hope warriors?


  • Ferncloud.
  • Foxleap.
  • Firestar.
  • Hollyleaf.
  • Mousefur.
  • Sorreltail.

What happens in Warriors the last hope?

The battle between the Dark Forest and the warrior Clans has come. As the Clan cats seek out their allies and enemies, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing wait desperately for the fourth cat who is prophesied to help them lead the Clans to victory — and who may be their only hope for survival.

Who killed Hollyleaf in the last hope?

Back for the Dead: Hollyleaf had only just returned partway through the last book from being presumed dead, only to be killed by Hawkfrost in this one.

Does Squirrelflight come back to life?

After deposing the impostor, Squirrelflight rejoined ThunderClan and became its acting leader, which drew conflict from the Clan as she did not have nine lives. She revealed Ashfur as the identity of the impostor, and struggled to keep her Clan together, advocating for the return of Bramblestar’s spirit.

Who is Thunderstars mate?

Violet Dawn
Thunderstar is the only surviving kit of Skystar and Storm. He and his mate, Violet Dawn, have four kits, Lightning Stripe, Sleek Fur, Shell Claw and Feather Ear.

Why is firestar the fourth cat?

When StarClan promised the Three that a fourth cat would come to their aid, Firestar rose once more as the Fourth cat of their prophecy. He inspired the forces of StarClan to fight to defend the living, and ultimately giving his last life to save the forest from Tigerstar one last time.

Is firestar the fourth cat?

Jayfeather tells Dovewing and Lionblaze that Firestar is the fourth cat. The leaders meet on the island – and Firestar brings Dovewing, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather. The Three are forced to reveal the prophecy and their powers to the leaders and medicine cats of each Clan.

Who gave Bramblestar his nine lives?

In The Ultimate Guide, Brambleclaw journeys to the Moonpool with Jayfeather to receive his nine lives. Firestar welcomes him and grants him a life for courage.

Is Firestar related to Bluestar?

SHE’S LITERALLY FIRESTAR’S GRANDAUGHTER! 18- Goosefeather- Bluestar’s (whose related to Firestar) mother was Moonflower, whose brother was Goosefeather.

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