Who died in Lord of the Flies?

Who died in Lord of the Flies?

In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Piggy dies after he asks whether it is better to have rules or hunt and kill. After asking this question, Roger rolls a boulder onto him. Simon dies after his conversation with the Lord of the Flies, when he finds out the beast is inside all the boys.

Why did the boys kill Simon?

In The Lord of the Flies, Simon learns that the beast the children on the island fear is actually a dead paratrooper and his parachute. When he tries to bring his new knowledge to the other boys, he is murdered by them in a ritualistic style. This is because the children follow him for protection from the beast.

How does Jack attempt to steal that leadership?

By starting his own tribe, stealing Piggy’s glasses, and allowing the hunters to terrorize the littluns, Jack effectively destabilizes Ralph’s leadership.

What is ironic about Simon’s death?

In the novel Lord of the Flies, Simon’s death is ironic because he was attempting to tell the other boys that the beast did not exist, but the boys mistook him for the beast. This is a classic example of dramatic irony because the audience is aware of Simon’s knowledge, while the characters are not.

Does Jack cry at the end of Lord of the Flies?

Jack has led the hunt which has caused Ralph to run for his life. Jack has been jealous of Ralph since they were stranded on the island. Truly, Jack has lost his sense of what is right and wrong. For this reason, Ralph cries.

What is the irony or twist of the fire?

When jack’s tribe lights a fire to kill Ralph, it ironically saves him, and the rest of them, instead. Fire is an example of irony, because it is the beast or the fear factor, but at the same time the boys’ only hope for rescue.

What is ironic about the ending of LOTF?

Much of the irony at the end of the novel stems from Golding’s portrayal of the naval officer. Although the naval officer saves Ralph, the ending of Lord of the Flies still is not particularly happy, and the moment in which the officer encounters the boys is not one of untainted joy.

What bad things did Jack do in Lord of the Flies?

Cruelty to others: Jack consistently taunts Piggy and even turns many of the other boys against him. He cruelly steals Piggy’s glasses so that his tribe can be in control of making fire, leaving Piggy virtually blind. Once Jack proclaims himself chief, he uses cruel punishment for going against him in any way.

How does Jack represent evil?

In Lord of the Flies, Jack represents the savagery or evil in man. He loses his ability to remain civilized while he is stranded on the island. He gives in to his innate savagery and becomes dehumanized. He becomes a wretched evil person.

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