Who becomes chancellor after Abby?

Who becomes chancellor after Abby?

Chancellor Charles Pike
After Abigail Griffin became chancellor, the Exodus Charter is repealed, but however, a newly elected Chancellor Charles Pike has restored the Exodus Charter and placed Arkadia under martial law.

Who was the chancellor in the 100?

Thelonious Jaha was a major character in the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth seasons. He was portrayed by starring cast member Isaiah Washington and debuted in the series premiere. Jaha was the last Chancellor of the Council that governed the Ark.

Does Pike become chancellor?

In Watch the Thrones, he was elected to be the new chancellor of Arkadia. Pike was elected by a narrow majority, on a declared mandate of preemptive action against the Grounders, Arkadian independence from The Coalition, and militarization against a perceived Grounder threat.

Who replaces Lexa as commander?

A rogue Nightblood, Ontari (Rhiannon Fish) of Ice Nation, executes Lexa’s intended heir and all the other Nightblood children, ensuring her ascension as Commander. Titus tells Clarke of one last Nightblood, Luna of Flokru, who can challenge Ontari to become leader of the Grounders.

Is the City of Light real?

, the City of Light was thought to be a real place, a mythical “promised land”, which many Grounder outcasts have attempted to reach by crossing the desert known as the Dead Zone. Its true nature was unknown to any but a select few who were chosen to join it.

Who kills Jaha?

In the very first episode of the show, Jaha narrowly avoided death after he was shot by Bellamy Blake in an assassination attempt orchestrated by his political rival Diana Sydney. In the second season of The 100, Jaha cheated death again when he survived crash-landing on Earth in the remnants of the Ark.

Who killed Lincoln in The 100?

Pike executed Lincoln by shooting him in the head, leaving his body behind in a puddle of mud. Octavia later returned to Arkadia and was able to give him a proper Trikru farewell. Lincoln was avenged when Octavia killed Pike in “Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)”, after A.L.I.E.’s defeat.

Is Echo a Nightblood?

In “Ashes to Ashes”, Abby succeeds and Echo is transformed into a Nightblood by Ryker Desai. In “Adjustment Protocol”, Abby, John Murphy, Emori, Sierra, Jade and Bryson become Nightbloods through Madi and Abby’s bone marrow after Abby injects herself to protect Madi.

How did Clarke survive prime fire?

Clarke sacrifices herself and stays on Earth, but her Nightblood allows her to survive. Clarke survives in the only inhabitable land left on Earth, Shadow Valley, with her daughter Madi, another Nightblood she found after Praimfaya.

What is the pill for the City of Light The 100?

Key to the City of Light. The Key to the City of Light, also known as the Chip or the Pill is a silicon-based device that bears an infinity sign (or what Grounders referred to as the sacred symbol).

Who is the woman in the red dress in The 100?

It’s ALIE! When The 100 introduced ALIE (Erica Cerra) at the end of Season 2, it brought a whole new aspect to this post-apocalyptic show and linked the series back to the beginning when humanity was eliminated (for the most part) from Earth.

What happens to Pike on the 100?

As things seem hopeless, Clarke pulls the kill switch and destroys A.L.I.E. , restoring everyone to normal. In the aftermath, Octavia stabs Pike to death with her sword in revenge for Lincoln’s death to the shock of everyone else.

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