Who are the leads in Seussical the Musical?

Who are the leads in Seussical the Musical?


  • Horton the Elephant. Gender: Male. Part Size: Lead.
  • JoJo. Gender: Male. Part Size: Lead.
  • The Cat in the Hat. Gender: Either Gender. Part Size: Lead.
  • Gertrude McFuzz. Gender: Female. Part Size: Lead.
  • Mrs. Mayor. Gender: Female.
  • Mr. Mayor. Gender: Male.
  • Mayzie LaBird. Gender: Female.
  • The Sour Kangaroo. Gender: Female.

Who is king of the mud?

The crossword clue Dr. Seuss character who becomes ‘King of the Mud’ with 6 letters was last seen on the May 03, 2020. We think the likely answer to this clue is YERTLE.

What is the message of Seussical the Musical?

“The themes in ‘Seussical’ are the importance of honesty, loyalty and friendship. But ‘Seussical’ brings additional messages that are so important to people of all ages, and in particular, the issues facing our teenagers.” In the play, the colorful bird Gertrude McFuzz is a friend to Horton the Elephant.

Who is the main character in Seussical Junior?

Horton tries to convince the other animals in The Jungle of the existence of the Whos, but he is ridiculed and put on trial for insanity. Only his loyal neighbor, Gertrude McFuzz, never loses faith in him and eventually, the two fall in love. Seussical JR weaves a story of friendship, loyalty, and love.

How many characters are in Seussical Jr?

Even though there are four main characters (The Cat, Horton, Gertrude, and JoJo), this is an ensemble based show. The characters work together to tell the story, each playing an important part. The majority of the show is accompanied by music and involves all the characters.

What is the meaning of Yertle the Turtle?

Yertle the Turtle raises questions about justice, political rights, political authority, and the responsibilities a ruler has to their subjects. Yertle the turtle is the ambitious king of the pond who decides he wants to expand his kingdom.

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