Who am I Derek Jeter?

Who am I Derek Jeter?

The first player to reach 3,000 hits as a Yankee — and with a home run! When Derek Jeter was eight years old, he announced that he was going to play baseball for the New York Yankees. Jeter earned the attention of major league scouts in high school and was drafted to the New York Yankees in 1992.

What is a Derek Jeter rookie card worth?

Derek Jeter rookie card sells for almost $100,000, highest ever for modern baseball card.

Are Derek Jeter baseball cards worth anything?

Estimated PSA 10 Value: $950 The other Jeter card from the 1992 Little Sun set shows Jeter in his Kalamazoo high school uniform ready at short. The pink and green multi-color lettering along the bottom was a sign of the times. Not as valuable as the autographed version, this card can still command top dollar.

Where is Jeter today?

Derek Jeter Was Once the Captain. But Now He’s the Apprentice. In his new role as the baseball chief of the Marlins, Jeter has gutted the team, and only time will tell the wisdom of his early moves. The goal, Jeter said in a 2020 interview after the Marlins reached the playoffs, was to build something lasting.

How can I get a Derek Jeter autograph?

All requests and paperwork may be submitted to [email protected] or fax at 212-475-3378. If approved, we will forward your authenticated autographed item and a Proceeds Form that we ask you to complete and return following your event.

What are the most valuable Derek Jeter cards?

1993 SP Derek Jeter RC #279 The 1993 SP set offers the most desirable and iconic Derek Jeter rookie card. While very pricey, it’s the go-to choice for collectors who can afford it. As the foil design makes it extremely condition sensitive, copies without chipping command a strong premium.

What year is Jeter rookie card?

1993 Select Derek Jeter Rookie Card #360 It’s certainly the standout feature of the Draft Pick card. This is also the first set under the Select brand.

What is the most valuable Derek Jeter rookie card?

1993 SP Foil Rookie. Coming in at the number one most valuable Derek Jeter rookie card is his 1993 SP foil rookie. Upper Deck SP was a premium brand in 1993, boasting foil finish and attractive designs.

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