Which two flowers should you not give as a gift in Thailand?

Which two flowers should you not give as a gift in Thailand?

Don’t wrap your offering in blue, green or black; these colours are reserved for mourning. Similarly, avoid giving carnations or marigolds as these flowers are used at funerals. When opening a gift, be careful how you handle the wrapping – ripping the paper is considered rude.

How do I give a gift to someone in Thailand?

Gift giving is not a part of Thai culture like it is in many other Asian countries. If a gift is given, it should be wrapped nicely; gold and yellow are considered auspicious colours, so are good for wrapping paper. Avoid green, black or blue as they are associated with funerals.

What do Thai people like as gifts?

Flowers, chocolates or fruits are appropriate gifts. Avoid marigolds or carnations as they are associated with funerals. Do not expect the gift to be opened when received.

What shouldn’t you give to Thai people?

Black clothes, this is an old Thai superstition that if you give someone black clothes then you will be going to their funeral. Watch/Clock, if you give someone a watch or a clock as a gift it is believed that your relationship with them may be over when the clock stops ticking.

How do you show appreciation in Thailand?

Learn to say ‘Thank you’ in Thai in no time!…And in this respect, Thailand is no different.

  1. ขอบคุณ Khàawp-khun. In Thai, “thank you” is khàawp-khun.
  2. ขอบคุณครับ Khàawp-khun khráp and ขอบคุณค่ะ khàawp-khun khâ. For women, we add khâ.
  3. ขอบคุณมากๆ Khàawp-khun mâak.

What are the best souvenirs in Thailand?

It is laced out of caterpillars fed on a strict mulberry diet, woven with gradient textures and designs. Thai silk is one of the most exotic gifts and souvenirs in Thailand you can get for your family and friends, or yourself. Note: Beware of fake Thai Silk! 2. Thai spices

What are the best gifts to send to friends in Thailand?

Gifts are the bundle of joy wrapped in the beautiful packaging of emotions. They are best to convey heartfelt emotions to your dear ones on special occasions. Have a look at our wonderful collection of flowers, cakes, fruit baskets, and soft toys to send gifts to your friends and family in Thailand.

What to buy in Thailand?

These sachets are a treat for tea lovers, and a beauty tip for glowing skin. Flavoured fruit drinks like Mango and Lemon Drinks are some other souvenirs to get from your trip to Thailand. 18. Instant Noodles

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