Which metro station is near to Delhi Sarai Rohilla?

Which metro station is near to Delhi Sarai Rohilla?

Shastri Nagar Metro Station
Metro Connectivity Delhi Sarai Rohilla Railway Station nearest metro station is Shastri Nagar Metro Station.

How can reach Delhi Sarai Rohilla railway station by metro station?

The nearest metro station to Sarai Rohilla would be Shastri Nagar Metro Station. This metro station is located on Red Line. You have to get down at Shastri Nagar Metro Station and take either a cycle rickshaw or an auto rickshaw to Srarai Rohilla Station.

Is there any metro from Delhi to Noida?

The Metro Route from New Delhi to Noida City Center has 17 intermediate metro stations. The travel time between New Delhi to Noida City Center metro station is 0:34:51 Mins….Metro Route from New Delhi to Noida City Center.

Source : New Delhi
Operated By : Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)
First Metro : 5:26:36 AM
Last Metro : 11:11 AM
No of stations : 17

Which metro goes to Noida?

The Noida Metro is a rapid transit system connecting the twin cities of Noida and Greater Noida in Gautam Buddh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India. The metro network consists of one line (called Aqua Line), with a total length of 29.7 kilometres (18.5 mi) serving 21 stations. A second line is planned.

How can I reach Sarai Rohilla railway station from airport?

By bus and metro To get from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Delhi Sarai Rohilla in Delhi, take the AIRPORT EXPRESS metro from Indira Gandhi International Airport station to New Delhi station. Next, take the 956 bus from New Delhi Railway Station Gate 2 stop to Sarai Rohila stop.

How many platforms are there in Sarai Rohilla railway station?

Delhi Sarai Rohilla Terminal railway station (station code: DEE) is situated about 4 kilometres (21⁄2 mi) from old Delhi railway junction in India….Delhi Sarai Rohilla railway station.

Delhi Sarai Rohilla Terminal
Operated by Indian Railways
Line(s) Delhi–Fazilka line Delhi–Jaipur line
Platforms 7
Tracks 12

How far is Sarai Rohilla from airport?

Yes, the driving distance between Delhi Sarai Rohilla Station to Delhi Airport Station is 22 km. It takes approximately 20 min to drive from Delhi Sarai Rohilla Station to Delhi Airport Station.

Which is the last metro station of Noida?

Sector 71 will be the originating station instead of Noida City Centre in Sector 32, while the last station in Greater Noida will be Depot station proposed near Knowledge Park-IV. The stations were decided after a meeting held on Wednesday with DMRC officials.

Which railway station is near from Delhi airport?

New Delhi Railway Station
The nearest train station to Delhi Airport is New Delhi Railway Station, which can be reached taking the Delhi Metro Airport Express, a taxi or a transfer.

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