Which is the correct name for Ba3N2?

Which is the correct name for Ba3N2?

Barium nitride
Barium nitride (Ba3N2)

PubChem CID 15251597
Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula Ba3N2
Synonyms Barium nitride (Ba3N2) Barium nitride azanidylidenebarium;barium(2+) 12047-79-9 Bariumnitrid More…
Molecular Weight 440.0

What is the chemical formula of barium hydroxide?

Ba(OH)₂Barium hydroxide / Formula

Barium hydroxide is a chemical compound with the chemical formula Ba(OH)2. The monohydrate (x = 1), known as baryta or baryta-water, is one of the principal compounds of barium.

What kind of reaction is BA N2 Ba3N2?

N 2 is an oxidizing agent, Ba is a reducing agent….Search by products (Ba 3N 2)

1 N2 + Ba → Ba3N2
3 NH4NO3 + Ba → BaO + Ba3N2 + BaH2
4 Ba(NH2)2 → NH3 + Ba3N2

What is the name for CoCl3?

Cobalt chloride (CoCl3)

What is the chemical name of fef3?

Iron fluoride
Item Detail

Item Number: I-1036
CAS Number: 7783-50-8
Chemical Name: Iron fluoride
Formula: FeF3

What is the chemical name of Na3P?

Sodium phosphide
Sodium phosphide (Na3P)

What is the name of li2so3?

Dilithium sulphite Lithium sulfite
Dilithium sulphite

PubChem CID 11665397
Molecular Formula Li2SO3 or Li2O3S
Synonyms Dilithium sulphite Lithium sulfite 13453-87-7 dilithium;sulfite Sulfurous acid, dilithium salt More…
Molecular Weight 94.0
Component Compounds CID 1100 (Sulfurous acid) CID 3028194 (Lithium)

What is BA na2?

chemical formula of banana is BaNa2 it’s right answer.

Which of the following is the correct name for mgcl2?

Magnesium dichlorideMagnesium chloride / IUPAC ID

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