Which is best Bvrit or CMR?

Which is best Bvrit or CMR?

By seeing the ratings and reviews BVRIT women college is better compared to CMR college. According to NIRF ranking BVRIT women college is best and also Considering the Placement data CMR College have good data with the median salary 4.80 lakh for B.E /B.

Which is best Bvrit or Narayanamma?

As per your query both of these colleges are very renowned and good colleges for pursuing B. Tech CSE / IT. But when it comes to placements BVRIT Narsapur will top the list. This college offered excellent placements to its students.

Is Bvrit good for CSE?

BVRIT NARSAPIR: Placements:The computer science department provides 100 percent placements, irrespective of the students who have failed in their academics. The companies visited our campus are Topper, Pega, Amazon, IBI Group, Medlife, ISRO, etc. The highest salary package offered is 13 LPA, and the lowest is 1.2 LPA.

What is the full form of Bvrit?

Raju Institute of Technology (BVRIT) is an engineering college established in 1997 in Vishnupur, Narsapur, Medak, Telangana State, India.

Is CMR Technical Campus good Quora?

Accredited by NAACC with A+, CMR Institute of Technology is a prestigious college providing necessary tools and guidance to convert every student’s dreams into actions. The college provides an excellent opportunity for placements for almost all courses depending of the students.

How are Bvrit placements?

The institute is conducting its placement drive for the batch 2017-21 and till now 85% students are placed. During the placement drive of 2021 the Highest CTC stood at INR 26.58 LPA and a total of 1,170+ offers were provided by 32 Companies.

How are placements in Bvrit narsapur?

BVRIT Narsapur Course-wise Placement Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering at BVRIT Narsapur had the highest placement percentage of 100% MBA at BVRIT Narsapur saw an increase in placements compared to previous year of 60%

How many acres is Bvrit?

110 acres
BVRIT is located near a small town called Narsapur about 75 minutes from Hyderabad on the Bus. Spanning over 110 acres of land away from the din of the city, this campus trains approximately 4500 students and nurtures them through their path to education and enlightenment and empowers them for the challenges beyond.

Is CMR good for BCOM?

B.Com Colleges in Bangalore | Top Private B Com Colleges in Bangalore | CMR University. CMR University Bengaluru secures 40th position, in the 2021 Global Impact Rankings by R World Institutional Ranking, for contributing towards Sustainable Development Goals of the Earth.

Which is the best college in CMR?

the technical campus has recently got to autonomus recognition and prices of exam fee and stationary fee increased. so comapring this all as per academic cmr engineering college is best then cmr technical campus.

What is the highest package of Bvrit narsapur?

In the placement drive of 2021 the highest CTC stood at INR 26.58 LPA which was offered by Flipkart….BVRIT Hyderabad Placements 2021 Report.

Batch 2017-21
Number of Offers 374
Companies Participated 32
Students Placed 223
Highest CTC INR 26.58 LPA

What is the highest package in JNTU Hyderabad?

JNTUH College of Engineering Hyderabad Placements 2022: Highest Package: INR 23 LPA & Average Package: INR 3.36 LPA.

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