Which is an Oligophagous pest?

Which is an Oligophagous pest?

Oligophagous meaning Feeding upon a limited variety of food, as certain caterpillars whose diet is restricted to a few related plants. adjective. Feeding on a limited number of foods, usually within one taxonomic family. An oligophagous pest of leguminous plants.

What is Oligophagous zoology?

zoology. (of an insect) feeding on a limited range of foodstuffs, esp plants.

What does Monophagous mean?

Definition of monophagous : feeding on or utilizing a single kind of food especially : feeding on a single kind of plant or animal.

What does Rhizophagous mean?

feeding on roots
rhizophagous in British English (raɪˈzɒfəɡəs ) adjective. (esp of insects) feeding on roots.

What is Phytophagous insect?

Phytophagous insects are generally considered to be those that feed on green plants. They include species that attack roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits, either as larvae or as adults or in both stages.

What do you mean by dead heart?

Definition of deadheart : a deformed stunted plant of certain crop grasses (as maize and sugarcane) caused by borer attack on the region immediately behind the growing bud and characterized by bushy blanched distorted growth beyond the damaged area.

What is insect pest?

1. countable noun. Pests are insects or small animals which damage crops or food supplies.

What is the meaning of Ranivorous?

eat frogs
Meaning of ranivorous in English used to refer to animals or birds that eat frogs: The ranivorous falcon is a native of the Cape of Good Hope. Ranivorous rodents include kangaroo rats and pocket mice. More examples.

What is Phytophagous in biology?

Solution : Phytophagous means feeding on plant sap and other parts of a plant. Most insects are phytophagous.

What are the example of phytophagous insects?

The most important phytophagous families of flies are Cecidomyiidae (gall flies), Agromyzidae (leaf miners) and Tephritidae (fruit flies). Amongst the Hymenoptera, all Symphyta (sawflies and related insects) are plant feeders, while gall wasps occur in the Cynipoidea.

Are termites herbivores?

Termites are herbivorous creatures, so they eat organic plant matter.

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