Which Boss Soul is the best Maplestory?

Which Boss Soul is the best Maplestory?

Best Magnificent Soul Tier List – Maplestory

  • If you’ve been defeating bosses in Maplestory, you’ll notice something called Soul Shards that drop.
  • The best Magnificent Souls are Cygnus, Crimson Queen, Damien, Magnus, Vellum, Lucid, Lotus, Darknell, Verus Hilla, and Will.

What is a magnificent soul?

Magnificent Soul Magnificent Souls are rare Souls that are more powerful than regular boss Souls. Their unique skills do more damage and have unique potentials instead of a flat stat increase. The potential that Magnificent Souls gives is random and cannot be reset.

What does Pink Bean soul do?

Can be used on Level 100+ weapons, permanent, tradable, gives the skill Cute Overload, provides one of the following stat boosts at random: Weapon Attack: +10.

What is the normal level for Hilla?

Level 120
Battle Overview In the Battle for Azwan scenario, the Boss Fight with Hilla may be attempted once per day, regardless of difficulty chosen; a player must be Level 120 to attempt Normal Mode and 170 for Hard, although for Hard Mode it is highly recommended to be in a 2-player party.

How do you get Soul books in Maplestory?

In order to find your Soul Collector, go to Key Bindings and find Soul Weapon. Bind it to a key and press it. Then expand it by pressing the + button and you’ll see Soul Collector.

How do I get Murgoth soul?

Earn Murgoth Soul points when you complete the dungeon, which help you to reach different ranks. Whenever you attain a rank, you can receive a reward such as a Soul Enchanter, Reward Points, inventory slot coupons, or a Murgothroid!

How do you get soul weapons?

To do this you must first give the Large Ember (found in The Depths to Andrei or another suitable blacksmith such as the giant in Anor Londo. Ascend the weapon by using the giant blacksmith in Anor Londo, 5,000 souls and the boss souls to then create the Boss Soul Weapon.

How do you stop hard Hilla from healing?

New Hilla’s healing CAN’T be stopped nor avoided in any ways, and as I read in the patch notes, she was supposed to absorb HP from her minions, which is not true, because even if you kill them fast enough, hilla will keep healing until the skill is over.

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