Where is the grapple hook in Super Metroid?

Where is the grapple hook in Super Metroid?

The Grappling Beam, in its first appearance, is found in Norfair shortly after defeating Crocomire. In a normal playthrough, this allows Samus to return to Crateria and cross the flooded cavern to reach the Wrecked Ship.

How do you get the grappling hook in Metroid?

Where to find the Grapple Beam in Metroid Dread

  1. Step 1: Start at the top of the EMMI Zone.
  2. Step 2: Head to the east through the Save Station’s exit and drop into the pit.
  3. Step 3: All you have to do is approach the Chozo Statue and grab the Grapple Beam in Metroid Dread.

Where is the grapple hook in Metroid Prime?

In the first Metroid Prime, the Grapple Beam is again used to swing across gaps and lava. After being lost in the explosion on Frigate Orpheon, it can be recovered in Storage Depot B of Phazon Mines after solving a Spider Ball puzzle while fending off Metroids.

Where is the grapple beam in Metroid Dread?

The Grapple Beam is located at the northeastern area of Artaria. Exit the North save station. Open the door to the right and exit the station.

Where is the wave beam in Super Metroid?

The Wave Beam is a Chozo weapon left behind on the planets Zebes and SR388 to aid Samus in her quests. It gives Samus’s beam the ability to pass through walls, hitting viable targets on the other side.

How do you use the beam in Super Metroid?

To equip Spazer and Plasma Beam at the same time, open the inventory screen, equip Spazer, and move the marker to any of the Boots items. Then, press Left, and press A immediately afterward. Plasma Beam should then become equipped alongside Spazer with “VAR” next to it.

Where is the plasma beam in Super Metroid?

The Plasma Beam is the most powerful beam weapon for Samus. After getting the Space Jump go back to the first large room in Maridia it’s near the main elevator. Once in this huge cavern you must jump to the top right corner.

Where is the plasma beam?

The Plasma Beam is located at the southern area of Elun. Open the Power Beam Door. After the cutscene with the X-Parasite, use the Bomb to make an opening and continue towards the very bottom of the area and open up the Power Beam Door.

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