Where is the diagnostic plug on Renault Scenic?

Where is the diagnostic plug on Renault Scenic?

OBD connector location for Renault Scenic 3 (2009 – 2016)

  1. Between front seat, near cup holder.
  2. remove the cup holder, connector is behind.
  3. OBD Connector.

Where do I plug in my diagnostic port?

Most vehicles have the connector under the instrument panel (aka, the dashboard) on the driver’s side, but some can be found near the center console area or even on the passenger’s side of the car.

How do you reset the service light on a Renault Scenic?

Turn ignition ON, do not start the vehicle. Scroll through the trip computer using the button on the end of the right hand stalk control until you get to the miles till service indicator, or the change oil soon warning message will showing on the screen. Then depress & hold the same button in and hold down.

Where is the OBD port on a Renault Scenic 2?

Scenic II The Diagnostic Socket is located between the two front seats in the example shown a Sliding Centre console is fitted .

Is there a fuse for the OBD port?

The OBD fuse may be listed on the fuse cover as OBD II, DLC, Accessory port, 12 v power point or cigarette lighter and will most likely be located inside the vehicle.

What does the spanner light mean on a Renault?

Fault warning light
Fault warning light The spanner shaped symbol may look like a service reminder, but it actually indicates a much more serious problem. It might appear with a second warning light to help pinpoint the fault.

Why is my OBD not connecting?

Check for corrosion or debris in the plug. Check the cable itself for damage, and check the plug at the scanner too. Finding a problem with the plug or cable is easy to fix. Most good scanners will have a detachable and, therefore, replaceable OBD cable.

Why is my code reader not working on my car?

Blown Fuse If you’ve plugged into your car’s diagnostic port and aren’t reading anything, you might think that your OBD-II brain has been fried, but don’t declare it dead yet. The most common reason for getting no OBD code is simply a blown fuse.

Do all cars have OBD ports?

All cars and light trucks built and sold in the United States after January 1, 1996 were required to be OBD II equipped. In general, this means all 1996 model year cars and light trucks are compliant, even if built in late 1995.

How do you turn off the service light on a Renault Megane Scenic?

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