Where is the battery located on a 2007 Mercedes gl450?

Where is the battery located on a 2007 Mercedes gl450?

The battery is located under the driver’s seat. Slide the seat all the way forward to access it.

Can you change Mercedes battery yourself?

Replacing the car battery on a Mercedes-Benz is easy and can be completed by any DIYer.

Where is the battery in the gl450?

The main battery can be found under the front passenger seat. To remove it You muSTSlide the seat all the way forward and remove the plastic vent cover under it. The first time it is serviced, You will need to cut through the carpet to be able to access the battery.

How do I jump start another car with my Mercedes?

Locate both the positive and negative terminals, and check to see if they’re free of corrosion. Place the red clamp to the on the positive post on the dead battery. Then, hook the other red clamp to the positive terminal of the battery with the charge. Place the black clamp to the negative post on the good battery.

Where is Mercedes battery located?

In most Mercedes-Benz models, the battery is on the right on the inside of the trunk. In rarer models, you’ll find the battery beneath the back seat. In the Mercedes-Benz W203 and R170 models, for example, the battery is on the passenger side of the engine sink.

Why do Mercedes have two batteries?

Why do Mercedes-Benz vehicles have two batteries? Two batteries are needed because it has too many electrical demands. The main starting battery is in the trunk and the secondary battery is located under the hood, near the windshield.

Does a Mercedes need a special battery?

The OEM batteries installed in most Mercedes-Benz cars are also AGM batteries. The Exide Edge 94R Flat Plate AGM Sealed Automotive Battery is also an exact fit for most Mercedes-Benz models including E, C, S, CLK, CLS, ML, GL, R-Class. It does not require any modification to install it, unlike the Optima batteries.

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