Where is Epiphone ES-339 Pro made?

Where is Epiphone ES-339 Pro made?

The China-made Epiphone ES-339 PRO features classic ES-335 body lines at about three-quarters the size. It has a laminated maple body and top, like most every other guitar in the 335 universe, and a mahogany SlimTaper D-profile neck with a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard.

When did Epiphone start making the ES-339?

Summer NAMM 2011: Epiphone launches the ES-339.

What is the difference between Epiphone 335 and 339?

The Epiphone ES-335 and ES-339 sound close enough to each other to fool most listeners in a blindfold test, but the smaller 339 has a little less acoustic resonance and a tighter, more focused midrange than the 335. Both models deliver bold, fat tones with a satisfying percussive attack that morphs into smooth sustain.

How much does an Epiphone 339 weigh?

Weight: 6 lbs. 15 oz. The ES-339 is the next generation from the Gibson Custom Shop iconic ES electric guitars.

Is Gibson 339 a good guitar?

Final thoughts – the Gibson ES339 is a great guitar, but you pay for it. This is a superb guitar. You get the looks, style, and sound of the classic 335 but at a more manageable size. You get clean workmanship, a great set-up, and classic finishes from the Memphis Custom Shop.

Where is Epiphone Casino coupe made?

Made in Japan and set-up in America, and contains American made parts such as the pickups. Body is 5-ply maple, Gibson P-90 pickups, and nickel hardware. Casino Coupé.

Where is the Epiphone ES 335 Pro made?

Gibson Memphis ES 335 / Epiphone ES 335 Pro differences

Gibson ES 335 Epiphone ES 335 PRO
Inlays Pearloid Blocks ‘mother-of-pearl’ small block inlays
Plek Setup Yes No
Country of Manufacter USA China
Case Included Yes No

How wide is an ES 335?

Overall length is 41 3/8 in. (105.1 cm.), 15 15/16 in. (40.5 cm.) wide at lower bout, and 1 3/4 in.

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