Where is Bobbie Jean Carter now?

Where is Bobbie Jean Carter now?

Bobbie Jean, now 35, is currently a waitress at a Inverness, Fla. Applebee’s restaurant. She begged friends for money to help her “get on her feet” via a GoFundMe page just last year.

How old is BJ Carter?

40 years (January 12, 1982)Bobbie Jean Carter / Age

What year was House of Carters filmed?

House of Carters
Running time 30 minutes
Original network E!
Original release October 1 – November 20, 2006

What happened to Leslie Carter?

The star’s sister, Leslie Carter, died in 2012 from an overdose of prescription drugs. His father, Robert Gene Carter (better known as Bob), died from an apparent heart attack in 2017.

How many seasons of House of Carters are there?

1House of Carters / Number of seasons

Which Backstreet Boy is the richest?

Backstreet Boys: $210 Million

  • Nick Carter: $35 million.
  • Howie Dorough: $45 million.
  • AJ McLean: $45 million.
  • Kevin Richardson: $40 million.
  • Brian Littrell: $45 million.

Which Carter siblings died?

Leslie Carter
Leslie Barbara Ashton (née Carter; June 6, 1986 – January 31, 2012) was an American singer best known as the sister of Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter and singer Aaron Carter….

Leslie Carter
Born Leslie Barbara CarterJune 6, 1986 Tampa, Florida, U.S.
Died January 31, 2012 (aged 25) Westfield, New York, U.S.

What happened to Aaron Carters dad?

It’s been just over two years since Aaron’s dad, known to loved ones as Bob, passed away suddenly at the age of 65. Bob’s passing came just five years after the death of Leslie, who passed away from an overdose in Jan. 2012.

Where was House Of Carters filmed?

debuts House of Carters. As the eight-episode series opens, the Carter siblings move into a house together in LA, apparently just to film this reality TV show.

How old is Bobbie Jean Carter?

Bobbie Jean Carter is an American actress and TV personality who is best known as the sister of singers Nick Carter and Aaron Carter. She was born on January 12, 1982. As of the year of writing this article, Bobbie Jean Carter is 39 years old of age. She celebrated her 29th birthday on January 12, 2021.

How many children did Bob Carter have?

Robert Gene Carter and Jane Elizabeth Carter were married for several years, and had a total of 5 children together. Nick, Aaron, Angel, Leslie and Bobbie Jean. Bob Carter was a complicated man, according to his children (a total of seven, including two from separate marriages).

Who is Bob Carter’s wife Leslie Carter?

Leslie Carter was the third of five children born to Bob and Jane Carter. An aspiring pop singer herself, Leslie appeared on the reality TV show revolving around her family, aptly called House of Carters, which aired for a sole season in 2006. She formed a pop band, called The Other Half, in 2006, where she met her future husband.

What happened to Jane and Bob Carter’s House?

Bob Carter married Ginger Elrod just months after divorcing Jane, causing some major complications between Jane, him and his new wife. Then, in 2008, Jane’s ex-husband, John Holcomb claimed that she caused major damages to the home that they shared while they were married.

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