Where is Aaron McKinney today?

Where is Aaron McKinney today?

The judge prohibited the “gay panic” defense. Because of overcrowding at Wyoming’s maximum-security prison in Rawlins, Henderson and McKinney have served their time in multiple states. McKinney is now in a Mississippi prison and not agreeing to interview requests, according to the Wyoming Department of Corrections.

Who is jedadiah Schultz?

Jedadiah Schultz is a rising actor who hails from Laramie Wyoming where he was part of Techtonic’s “The Laramie Project,” first as a character in the stage play (an actor played him) and then he was in the movie version. He has since moved to NY and was most recently in Daisy Foote’s “Bhutan” at the Cherry Lane.

Is The Laramie Project based on a true story?

The Laramie Project — one of the most-performed plays of the last decade — is based on the true story of Matthew Shepard, the young man who, in October 1998, was savagely beaten and left to die in Laramie, Wyo.

Who is Rebecca Hilliker in The Laramie Project?

Rebecca Hilliker is the head of the theater department at the University of Wyoming and one of the theater company’s first contacts in Laramie. Rebecca introduces the interviewers to contacts in the town, including Jedadiah Schultz.

What happened to Chasity Vera Pasley?

Chasity Vera Pasley, 20, cried repeatedly as she was sentenced to 15 months to two years in prison for being an accessory after the fact to first-degree murder. Pasley said she was sorry for helping to dispose of bloody clothing her boyfriend, Russell Henderson, wore during the Oct. 7 attack on Shepard, 21.

Where is Matthew Shepard buried?

Washington National Cathedral, Washington, D.C.Matthew Shepard / Place of burial

Is The Laramie Project verbatim Theatre?

The text is drawn from company members’ own journal entries and published news reports. It is divided into three acts, and eight actors portray more than 60 characters in a series of short scenes. “Because ‘The Laramie Project’ is verbatim theatre, or documentary-style drama, Director Nancy C.

Who is Aaron Kreifels?

Aaron Kreifels is a university student and Laramie resident. During a somewhat aimless bike ride, Aaron found Matthew Shepard tied to the fence where Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson had left him to die. Aaron Kreifels feels that God guided him to Matthew so that Matthew would not die alone.

Where does The Laramie Project take place?

Laramie, Wyoming
“The Laramie Project” analyzes the death of Matthew Shepard, an openly gay college student who was brutally murdered in Laramie, Wyoming, in 1998 because of his sexual identity.

What year does The Laramie Project take place?

Based on the play of the same name, the film tells the story of the aftermath of the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming. It premiered at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival and was first broadcast on HBO in March 2002.

Who is the Baptist minister in The Laramie Project?

Michael Emerson
The line that stopped me in my tracks appears in the film’s opening “chapter,” which draws most of its material from Moments #1-12 of the play script. It is uttered by the Baptist Minister, played by Michael Emerson, who is best known to devotees of LOST as the duplicitous Ben Linus.

Who is the lead in The Laramie Project?

The Laramie Project (film)

The Laramie Project
Directed by Moisés Kaufman
Starring Nestor Carbonell Christina Ricci Dylan Baker Terry Kinney Lou Ann Wright
Music by Peter Golub
Country of origin United States

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