Where in France is Finistere?

Where in France is Finistère?


Finistère Penn-ar-Bed (Breton)
Country France
Region Brittany
Prefecture Quimper
Subprefectures Brest Châteaulin Morlaix

What is the Finistère?

Finistère. / (ˌfɪnɪˈstɛə, French finistɛr) / noun. a department of NW France, at the tip of the Breton peninsula.

Is Finistère a city?

The department of Finistère is located in the region of region of Bretagne. The department of Finistère has the number 29 and is divided into 4 districts , 54 townships and 283 municipalities….Department of Finistère – 29.

Biggest cities of Finistère Landerneau
14 902
1 129.80
15 m

Where is Plobien France?

Pleyben (French pronunciation: ​[plɛbɛ̃]; Breton: Pleiben) is a commune in the Châteaulin arrondissement of Finistère department of Brittany in north-western France.

Is Brittany a nice place to live?

Brittany’s warm climate and spectacular coastline make it popular for expats looking at living in France. Brittany is a popular choice for second-homers, retirees and expats wanting to start a new life in France. It’s easy to see the attraction of coming to live in Brittany.

Does anyone still speak Occitan?

Although many people have not heard of Occitan, also known as Langue d’Oc, it’s one of several Romance languages that evolved from vernacular Latin, and is still spoken in six major dialects across southern France as well as parts of north-western Italy and northern Spain.

How do you say hello in Occitan?

Do you want to learn how to say “Hello” in Occitan (post 1500)?…Greetings.

English Occitan (post 1500)
general daytime greeting in the Gascon dialect Bon dia
evening greeting in the Gascon dialect Bon ser

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