Where do you start the Virginia Creeper Trail?

Where do you start the Virginia Creeper Trail?

The trail officially begins at the Virginia–North Carolina border, but the easiest place to start the Creeper is from the Whitetop Station trailhead. (However, to cover the entire trail, simply ride the extra mile from Whitetop to the North Carolina border before turning around to begin your journey.)

What town is Virginia Creeper in?

The Virginia Creeper Trail is rich in beauty and regional history. From the trail head right in the historic district of Abingdon, VA, it stretches 34.3 miles through the trail town of Damascus, VA, and up to the North Carolina State Line near Whitetop, VA….Tips.

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Where is the top of the Virginia Creeper Trail?

Whitetop Station
The 34-mile multi-use trail begins in Abingdon, a popular access point at Mile 0, and then carries on through rolling farmland to Damascus at Mile 15.5. From there, the Virginia Creeper winds up to its highest point at Whitetop Station, offering plenty of amenities and activities along the way.

Can you walk the Virginia Creeper Trail?

A destination for visitors from across the US and a cherished asset for local residents, the Virginia Creeper Trail is best known as a biking trail, but in reality, the VCT is a multi-use trail with opportunities to bike, walk, run, fish, horseback ride, people watch, cross country ski and geocache, along with chances …

Is the Creeper Trail Hard?

The Virginia Creeper Trail is hard-packed clay and gravel, making it more suitable for mountain bikes than road bikes. Some sections can be muddy if it has been raining. The trail is also open to hikers and horseback riders.

How long is the shuttle from Damascus to Whitetop?

17 mile
The 17 mile ride from Whitetop to Damascus is a beautiful and non-strenuous one almost everyone can enjoy!

How far is the Creeper Trail from Damascus to Abingdon?

HOW LONG IS THE VIRGINIA CREEPER TRAIL? The trail travels 34 miles from Whitetop Station downhill through Damascus (the halfway point) and back up to Abingdon.

How steep is the VA Creeper Trail?

At the trail’s lowest point, where it crosses South Holston Lake on a huge curving trestle, it is 2,000 feet above sea level, but, by the time it reaches Whitetop Community, it has ascended 1,600 feet, some of it at nearly 7 percent grade! The trail began as a Native American footpath.

How difficult is Virginia Creeper Trail?

Get to know this 17.2-mile point-to-point trail near Damascus, Virginia. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 7 h 9 min to complete.

How far is the Creeper Trail from Whitetop to Damascus?

Virginia Creeper Trail 34 Miles of Fun and Adventure. Suitable for any age, the Virginia Creeper Trail can be enjoyed by all! For those unsure about biking the trail, the 17-mile stretch from Whitetop to Damascus is almost all downhill – which may be the perfect introduction before taking on the full 34-mile trail.

Is the Virginia Creeper Trail Hard?

It is not downhill, but flat to slightly uphill. The entire 34 miles is doable in a day. over a year ago. The upper part of Whitetop is steep (probably first 3-4 miles) and I would think you could do up to 12 miles in before it got too steep for you.

Where should I stay when riding the Virginia Creeper Trail?

Lodging Near the Va Creeper Trail

  • Damascus Cabins. Relax and enjoy a private getaway in one of our Damascus Cabins or bring a group.
  • Viginia Creeper Lodge.
  • Creeper Trail Cottages.
  • Brinkwaters.
  • Old Fairview Cabin.
  • River Trail Cabins.

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