Where do Teddington trains go?

Where do Teddington trains go?

Teddington stations lies in the London borough of Richmond upon Thames in southwest London, within Travelcard Zone 6. The station sits on the Kingston Loop Line, with South West Trains services running both ways to London Waterloo – via Kingston upon Thames and Wimbledon one way, and Richmond and Putney the other.

Can you use Oyster at Teddington?

Looking for Season tickets?…Buying tickets and collecting them –

Facility Information
Use Oyster pay as you go here
London Fare Zone Zone 6

Does Teddington have barriers?

Each main gate weighs 3,300 tonnes. The barrier is closed under storm surge conditions to protect London from flooding from the sea. It may also be closed during periods of high flow over Teddington Weir to reduce the risk of river flooding in some areas of west London including Richmond and Twickenham.

What travel zone is Teddington in?

Teddington to London Underground Zone 1-6 by train

Distance miles ( km)
Departure station Teddington
Arrival station London Underground Zone 1-6

What line is Strawberry Hill station on?

Strawberry Hill train maintenance depot, built in 1897, is inside the triangular junction of the Shepperton Branch Line with the Kingston Loop Line….Strawberry Hill railway station.

Strawberry Hill
Number of platforms 2
Accessible Yes
Fare zone 5
National Rail annual entry and exit

Is Dartford in Oyster zone?

Dartford entered the TfL zonal Oyster/contactless system on Sunday 6 September 2015, in Zone 8. Whilst season tickets, daily capping and contactless weekly capping are set at standard Zone 8 levels, single fares from Dartford are lower than “standard” Zone 8 fares.

How fast can you go on the Thames?

Speed Limits There is a strict 12 knot speed limit throughout central London.

Is there a speed limit on the Thames?

What are the speed limits on the tidal Thames? There are strict maximum speed limits as follows: 12 knot speed limit between Wandsworth Bridge and Margaretness ((just east of London City Airport) 8 knot speed limit above (ie west of) Wandsworth Bridge (and in all creeks and off Southend – in the inshore area)

What is it like to live in Teddington?

Teddington is a beautiful area with a strong, peaceful family atmosphere. There are some really pretty streets with lots green space on your doorstep, such as Bushy Park and Hampton Court park, the River Thames and lots of smaller little parks and playgrounds.

Are there any trains leaving from Teddington station in the next 2 hours?

Check train times for any future services. There are no trains departing from this station in the next two hours. You can check train times for another station or journey. Find the station address, opening times and maps for Teddington station.

Where is Teddington?

Teddington belongs to the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames in southwest London. It is located on the north bank of River Thames. The town is mostly residential, and it stretches from the Thames to Bushy Park. Teddington railway station is 13 miles (22.0 km) away from London Waterloo.

How far is Teddington from London Waterloo?

The town is mostly residential, and it stretches from the Thames to Bushy Park. Teddington railway station is 13 miles (22.0 km) away from London Waterloo. It can be accessed by passengers either from Station Road or Victoria Road.

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