Where can I download old versions of Plex?

Where can I download old versions of Plex?

If you need a rollback of Plex Media Server, check out the app’s version history on Uptodown. It includes all the file versions available to download off Uptodown for that app. Download rollbacks of Plex Media Server for Windows.

Can you download files from Plex?

If you’re logged into the same Plex account as you use on your Plex Media Server, the Download action in the web app lets you download the source file to the machine you’re using. To do this: Open the Item detail view. Click and select Download.

Where are Plex files stored?

On Windows, the content is located inside of the user directory.

Can you see Plex history?

You can also view historical data of plays from your Plex Media Server in the playback history area of the Dashboard.

How do I downgrade Plex server version?

Rolling back on Windows works as follows:

  1. note down your current Plex Server software version.
  2. Stop Plex Server using its tray icon.
  3. uninstall Plex Server with the regular ‘Apps’ control panel of Windows.
  4. go to your Plex data folder 1.4k.
  5. execute the installer for the previous software version.

What is a plex optimized version?

Media Optimizer is a feature that lets you specify content and have your Plex Media Server create “optimized” versions of it for you. Basically, the server “pre-transcodes” the content based on the settings you choose and saves that optimized result as a different “version” of the media.

How do I download a shared library from Plex?

Open your Plex Web interface (http://localhost:32400/web) Click into the details page of a TV show in your friends library. Click the Plex Downloader button. After clicking that, you’ll be able to select the location to save your file, just like you ‘d save any other file.

Where are Plex video thumbnails stored?

You can enable whether or not your Plex Media Server will generate video preview thumbnails in your Library settings for your Server. You’ll find those under Settings > Server > Library in the Plex Web App.

Why is Plex not showing library?

Permissions. If no content at all is being found or you’re unable to see particular directories when trying to set up a library, you may be encountering permission issues (which prevent Plex from being allowed to see/access the content).

How can you tell if someone is watching Plex?

At the top of the Dashboard, you can see media that’s currently being played from the server in the Now Playing area at the top. If the user is signed in to their Plex account, you’ll see their name on the Now Playing entry. This includes playback both locally and from shared users.

How do I check my Plex activity?

Using the Activity Page Plex Web App offers an Activity page that lets you monitor major processes on the Plex Media Server. If you have several Servers, the activity shown is the selected Server. To see a Server’s activity: Click the Activity button.

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