Where are the mines Witcher 2?

Where are the mines Witcher 2?

city of Vergen
When you begin working your way through the Subterranean Life story quest in chapter 2, while allied with Iorveth, you’ll be given the task of venturing into the dwarven mines on the outskirts of the city of Vergen. You’ll have to talk to Cecil Burdon, the village elder, to gain access to the mines.

How do I get Dwarven Immortelle?

You can start your search for the immortelle by talking with your dwarven friend – Zoltan – and ask him if he doesn’t know where to look. You can find him in the tavern (M15, 1), sitting together with other dwarfs and Dandelion. You can have a drink with them or ask for the immortelle at once.

How do I get Stennis blood in Witcher 2?

Received from: Automatically after finishing The War Council.

  1. Step 1: Head to Stennis for the royal blood.
  2. Step 2: Stop the peasants from lynching the prince.
  3. Step 3: Talk with the gathered people. You don’t have much time.
  4. Step 5: Obtain Henselt’s blood.

Where do you put harpy traps?

Be careful where you place the traps; they can be lost due to them being wedged against rocks, impeding the harpies from picking them up. Place them in an open area. You can find 4 of the nests in the old quarry area.

Where is the suspect peasant Witcher 2?

The peasant suspected of poisoning Saskia can be found in the southern part of the city. Willy Oblate will be guarded by a Scoia’tael squad (M15, 19). For the peasant to start talking, you have to use Axii hex or intimidation. You will learn that he overheard priest Olcan talking with the prince.

Where are the mines in Vergen?

Mines of Vergen is a mineshaft near the dwarven town of Vergen.

Where is Triss Merigold Cedric location?

After following the trail, he is led to a location near the waterfall in the forest where he finds Cedric wounded and lying on the ground.

Where is Cedric kayran 2?

Cedric can be most likely found on the watchtower (M7, 7). Ask him if he’s able to help you in your fight against the Kayran. You won’t learn too much, so it’s worth to head to its lair on your own and search for anything that might help. Cedric will point the location.

Can you get royal blood?

“In the US,” Taylor says, “millions can trace their ancestry back to European royalty through ‘gateway ancestors’ — early colonial Americans with documented lineage to royal lines.” Today, “these ancestors often have millions of living descendants who can claim royal descent.

Where is haggard witcher2?

Haggard is the blacksmith’s apprentice in Vergen. He is very knowledgeable about meteorite ore and is always up for a good game of dice. He is also a merchant and craftsman.

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