Where are Terraria World files on Android?

Where are Terraria World files on Android?

Load up your file explorer app (that has root capabilities) and direct it to the system root and there’ll be a folder: data/data/com. and. games505. Terraria/files (if you’ve bought the full version it’ll be TerrariaPaid)

How do you copy a world in Terraria mobile?

  1. Open up the Files App and navigate to the location you uploaded your files. If you followed the first half of this guide, you will find them at iCloud >”Terraria Backups”.
  2. Choose “On My iPad” (or “On My iPhone”), then “Terraria”, then “Worlds”
  3. Tap “Copy”

How do I load a Terraria map?

Finding Downloaded Workshop Maps

  1. Launch Terraria.
  2. On the main menu, click the Workshop option.
  3. Select Import Worlds.
  4. Select the Import button on the world(s) you want to upload to your server.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Once the world has finished importing, you can close Terraria.

What version of Terraria is TModLoader?

TModLoader supports Terraria 1.3. 5.3 fully, and later Terraria versions partially. It is recommended to use TML with the latest Terraria version installed.

How do I get tModLoader on my phone?

To install tModLoader, make sure that you have installed the vanilla game on your device, and that you ran it at least once. After that, you can download the files of the app version you want. You also need to locate your Terraria folder in your local files. Once installed, you need to unblock the downloaded .

Can I transfer my mobile Terraria account to PC?

However, if you open up that world on mobile (1.3 or 1.4), the mobile game will automatically create a new file with the extension . wld and you should be able to open that on PC.

Will Terraria have Crossplay?

Yes, Terraria is cross-platform between PC and Mobile. This means that if you are playing on your computer, friends using their phone can join in on the fun. What is this? You will need to be running the same version of the game in order to join up with each other.

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