Where are CURT products made?

Where are CURT products made?

All CURT custom receiver hitches are made in the USA, meaning they are engineered, fabricated, welded, finished, tested and finally shipped out from our headquarters in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

How do I contact CURT Manufacturing?


  1. Phone: (877) 287-8634.
  2. Product Support: EXT.
  3. Customer Service: EXT.

Are CURT hitches made in China?

The Curt trailer hitch balls are all made in China. Many trailer hitch receivers too are made outside the U.S. but Curt does manufacture their hitches stateside.

What does CURT Manufacturing?

CURT is a brand of CURT Group and subsidiary of Lippert Components, Inc. CURT Group is a leading sales, marketing, engineering and distribution company of towing products and truck accessories for all types of vehicles, from passenger cars to commercial trucks.

Where are B&W Hitches manufactured?

The ad described the importance of using American-made products, such as the ones built by this particular company which is located in rural Kansas. It’s today’s Kansas Profile. Joe Works is owner and co-founder of B&W Trailer Hitches in Humboldt, Kansas.

Are B&W Hitches Made in USA?

American Made. We’re proud to be one of the last remaining hitch makers in America. While our competitors shipped manufacturing out of the country, we’re committed to building our products here, where we can oversee every detail.

Are Curt Hitches good?

The Class III hitch from Curt represents the best value proposition for the segment with a low cost and balanced performance. Featuring a 500-pound tongue weight rating, and a 5,000-pound gross trailer weight rating, this hitch bolts on to fit a huge variety of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Who makes Draw Tite hitches?

Draw-Tite is owned by parent company Horizon Global; their hitches are manufactured in Mexico.

What trailer hitches are made in the USA?

About CURT: CURT, a CURT Group brand, is the leading manufacturer of USA-made hitches and a complete line towing products. We offer the broadest selection of custom-fit receiver hitches for nearly every vehicle on the road today.

Is being CURT rude?

Curt often just means “terse.” In fact it comes from the Latin word curtus, which means “cut short, abridged.” But sometimes it has the added sense of being rudely short, like when you’re irritated that someone’s asking a foolish question so you give a brusque, curt response.

Is Curt or Draw-Tite better?

The Curt and Draw-Tite Hitches have the same maximum Gross Trailer Weight, however, the Curt hitch has a larger maximum tongue weight capacity of 525 lbs. compared to Draw-Tite’s 300 lbs. tongue weight limit. However, you are limited by your vehicle’s tongue weight capacity of 200 lbs.


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