When was the last time the Vaal Dam was 100% full?

When was the last time the Vaal Dam was 100% full?

January 2011
In January 2011, Vaal Dam reached 100% capacity and 14 sluice gates had to be opened to release the water. The outflow was 1800m3/s.

Where does water from Vaal Dam go?

The released Vaal Dam water ends up in the Vaal River, which joins up to the Orange river and eventually makes its way out at the mouth of Alexander Bay into the Atlantic Ocean or up into Lesotho via the Orange Free State. The water benefits a number of provinces and the towns that surround the water source.

Is the Vaal Dam man made?

The Vaal Dam in South Africa was constructed in 1938 and lies 77 km south of OR Tambo International Airport. The lake behind the dam wall has a surface area of about 320 square kilometres (120 sq mi) and is 47 meters deep….

Vaal Dam
Type of dam Gravity dam
Impounds Vaal River
Height 54.2 m

Are there crocodiles in Vaal Dam?

“There are definitely crocodiles in the system, in the Klip River, the Vaal River and probably in the Sugar Bush River,” he said.

What is the problem of Vaal Dam?

In the lower catchment irrigation return flows are the major contributor to river salinity. Potential long-term ‘pollution threats to the important Vaal Dam catchment are atmospheric pollution, diffuse agricultural sources and further industrial development. Eutrophication is already a problem in the Vaal River.

Is the Vaal Dam full?

Latest Dam Levels – Always Save Water – Vaal Dam at 107%

Which South African rivers have crocodiles?

Limpopo River, river in southeast Africa that rises as the Krokodil (Crocodile) River in the Witwatersrand, South Africa, and flows on a semicircular course first northeast and then east for about 1,100 miles (1,800 km) to the Indian Ocean.

Is the Vaal Dam polluted?

It stated that the Vaal is now polluted beyond acceptable standards, caused by “the kilolitres of untreated sewage entering the Vaal because of inoperative and dilapidated wastewater treatment plants which have been unable to properly process the sewage”.

What is the climate of the Vaal River?

The climate is sub-tropical dry savannah with mean annual evaporation at ~1 300 mm, far exceeding rainfall of ~600 mm. Seasonal river discharges and rainfall fluctuate from year to year (CV = 0.3), a constraint to production and resource development (Tadross et al., 2005).

Is the Vaal Dam level rising?

The level of the Vaal Dam has risen by 3.3% this week, placing it at 110.5% on Wednesday morning, said the national water department. Last year this time it was at 71.4%. The Grootdraai Dam recorded an increase from 101.8% last week to 102.3% this week, while the Bloemhof Dam is at 109%.

What is the deepest dam in South Africa?

Gariep Dam
Impounds Orange River
Height 88 m (289 ft)
Length 914 m (2,999 ft)

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