When do you need a lateral foot X-ray?

When do you need a lateral foot X-ray?

The weight-bearing lateral foot radiograph is important in the assessment of foot alignment and the diagnosis of abnormalities that cause malalignment and foot pain. Nonweightbearing views (e.g. lateral foot) would be inadequate for the assessment of alignment as the bones of the feet are not in their functional state.

What does an X-ray of the foot show?

In a foot X-ray, an X-ray machine sends a beam of radiation through the foot, and an image is recorded on special X-ray film or a computer. This image shows the soft tissues and bones of the foot, which include the tarsal bones (back end of the foot), metatarsal bones (front end of foot), and phalanges (toes).

What is the lateral foot?

Lateral foot injuries are those on the little toe side of the foot, whereas medial foot injuries are on the big toe side.

Can a foot X-ray show arthritis?

X-ray. To confirm a diagnosis of arthritis and determine the extent of the condition, doctors may recommend an X-ray of your foot and ankle. X-rays create pictures of the bones of the foot and ankle that doctors analyze for any visible changes in the spacing of the joints.

How much radiation is in a foot X-ray?

Effective radiation dose in adults

ABDOMINAL REGION Procedure Approximate effective radiation dose
Upper GI Study with Barium 6 mSv
BONE Procedure Approximate effective radiation dose
Lumbar Spine 1.4 mSv
Extremity (hand, foot, etc.) X-ray Less than 0.001 mSv

Where is lateral foot pain?

Lateral foot pain is pain on the outer side of the foot. This is oftentimes tied to cuboid syndrome, which is when the bone on the outside of the foot shifts out of place. Torn joints and ligaments typically cause the bone to shift. This can happen over time or suddenly due to an ankle sprain.

How do you XRAY your foot?

Position of part IR under patient’s foot flat centered on IR. Entire plantar surface rests on IR; take precautions against IR slipping. Ensure that no foot rotation occurs. Central ray CR at base of third metatarsal and either 10 degrees toward heel to base of third metatarsal or Perpendicular to IR.

What are the basic projection used for foot?

The foot series is comprised of a dorsoplantar (DP), medial oblique, and a lateral projection.

What does arthritis look like on foot xray?

X-rays provide detailed pictures of dense structures such as bone. An X-ray of an arthritic foot may show narrowing of the joint space between bones (an indication of cartilage loss), changes in the bone (such as fractures), or the formation of bone spurs.

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