When did the Winx get Believix?

When did the Winx get Believix?

Season 4 episode 6
The Winx Club earn their Believix in Season 4 episode 6 because Roxy believes in them. Roxy also earns her Believix in Season 4 episode 12 but in an incomplete way – using her will to transformation. It is Roxy’s first transformation, without earning her Winx, Charmix and Enchantix before.

Why did Bloom get her Enchantix?

Bloom and Tecna were the only known exceptions to the rule of saving someone from their realm: after meditating with the sorceress Maia on Pyros, Bloom was able to will herself into Enchantix through believing in her power to defeat evil.

How did Layla get her Enchantix?

She earned her Enchantix In the 6th episode of season 3, when Mermaid Queen Ligea promised to Aisha that she could use her staff’s healing powers to cure blindness that Valtor had cast on her.

When did Stella get Enchantix?

Season 3
Enchantix is a greater and higher fairy transformation first seen in Season 3, the first 3D movie, and the first six episodes of Season 4. It is said to return with somewhat modified additions to outfits in Season 8 to destroy Valtor again.

When did bloom complete her Enchantix?

Bloom earned her complete Enchantix at the end of The Secret of the Lost Kingdom movie by saving her home world and its people.

Who was the last Winx to get Enchantix?

Fairies to achieve this final full-fledged Fairy Form Winx Club: Princess Layla Princess Stella Musa Flora Tecna Princess Bloom
Special Abilities *Shrink in size Break dark spells via Fairy Dust Enduring strong winds Naturalize and nullify evil magic
Preceded By Charmix
Succeeded By Believix

Who is Flora’s boyfriend in Winx Club?

Helia is a pacifist who cares about nature and his friends. He is Flora’s boyfriend and is very romantic.

Does Roxy get her enchantix?

Currently, Roxy is the only fairy amongst the Winx to gain her Believix without having to earn her Winx, Charmix or Enchantix.

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