When can you see whale sharks in Mozambique?

When can you see whale sharks in Mozambique?

Whale shark season in Mozambique The best time for whale shark sightings in Mozambique, and Tofo Beach in particular, is between June and January.

Where is the best place to dive in February?

The Top 8 Scuba Diving Destinations in February

  1. Malpelo Island, Colombia.
  2. Bimini, Bahamas.
  3. Similan Islands, Thailand.
  4. Raja Ampat, Indonesia.
  5. Andaman Islands, India.
  6. Iceland.
  7. Pacific Coast of Mexico.
  8. Mafia Island, Tanzania.

Where is the best diving in the Sea of Cortez?

La Paz, Cabo Pulmo, Loreto, and the northern Sea of Cortez all have excellent diving. You can dive the Sea of Cortez via liveaboard or a dive resort.

Where is the best place to dive with whale sharks?

Seven Best Places to Swim with Whale Sharks

  • Holbox, Mexico and Isla Contoy, Mexico.
  • Gladden Spit, Belize.
  • Tanzania.
  • Honda Bay, Palawan, Philippines.
  • Utila, Honduras.
  • Australia.

Do whale sharks eat people?

According to Metro, whale sharks are filter feeders and won’t eat any humans they encounter. They feed only on plankton and very small fish.

Where can I dive in March?

Our favourites for Where to Dive in March

  • Far East > Indonesia > Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat.
  • Indian Ocean > Maldives. Maldives.
  • Far East > Philippines.
  • Australasia & Pacific Islands > Palau.
  • Australasia & Pacific Islands > Micronesia.
  • Latin America > Mexico > Yucatan Peninsula.
  • Caribbean > Cayman Islands.
  • Latin America > Belize.

How deep is the Sea of Cortez?

9,843′Gulf of California / Max depth

When can you dive in Sea of Cortez?

Diving in the Sea of Cortez – particularly the far southern region – is still good in the low season of June/July but more remote sites may be off-limits. If you want to dive with the famous colony of sea lions off La Paz go between September and May.

What is the best month to swim with whale sharks?

Best Time to Swim with a Whale Shark. The good news is that the likelihood of swimming with a whale shark on your first tour is around 95% success rate from very late March to late July each year.

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