What wires go to the coil?

What wires go to the coil?

They usually required only three wires: the spark plug wire, the power wire and the ignition switch wire. Ignition coils of this type are usually a little larger than a soda can and are heavy because of the metal core and the field coil windings. These coils are also filled with oil for temperature control.

How do you hook up a GM HEI distributor?

Connect the primary wires to the HEI distributor, via a plug that snaps into the distributor cap. There are two wires in the plug: the hot wire and the tachometer wire. If you are updating from an old distributor, splice the old distributor hot wire to the hot wire of the HEI primary plug.

Is the ignition coil in the distributor?

In modern systems, the distributor is omitted and ignition is instead electronically controlled. Much smaller coils are used with one coil for each spark plug or one coil serving two spark plugs (for example two coils in a four-cylinder engine, or three coils in a six-cylinder engine).

How ignition coil is connected to the distributor?

The connection is accomplished through a cap and rotor. The ignition coil connects to the rotor, and the rotor spins around inside the cap. The coil passes a high-voltage pulse through the rotor each time it passes a contact in the cylinder, transferring its power to the engine.

Does a distributor need to be grounded?

Engine man The modules and pickup coils shouldn’t be grounded to the distributor either. The newer HEIs have the coil mounted to the engine block so it gets it’s ground through the mount. Points need a ground in the distributor, but the electronic systems shouldn’t.

Where does the distributor wire go on the coil?

The distributor connects all of the spark plug wires. Most newer cars do not have a points switch, so that terminal is connected to ground or the negative terminal of the battery. On vehicles made before 1980, connect the points wire to the negative terminal of the coil.

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