What were the 4 Navigation Acts?

What were the 4 Navigation Acts?

The Navigation Act of 1660 continued the policies set forth in the 1651 act and enumerated certain articles-sugar, tobacco, cotton, wool, indigo, and ginger-that were to be shipped only to England or an English province.

What were the three parts of the Navigation Acts?

Navigation Acts of 1673, 1696 and 1773 Increase the list of ‘goods and commodities’ Increase the duties (taxes) on the goods. Appoint vice-admiralty courts in Colonial America to enforce the navigation laws.

How many Navigation Acts were there?

Three acts of the Rump Parliament in 1650 and 1651 are notable in the historical development of England’s commercial and colonial programs. These include the first Commission of Trade to be established by an Act of Parliament on 1 August 1650, to advance and regulate the nation’s trade.

What did the Navigation Acts do to the colonies?

The Navigation Acts were a series of laws passed by the English Parliament to regulate shipping and maritime commerce. The Acts increased colonial revenue by taxing the goods going to and from British colonies.

What are two things the Navigation Acts stated?

In 1651, the British Parliament, in the first of what became known as the Navigation Acts, declared that only English ships would be allowed to bring goods into England, and that the North American colonies could only export its commodities, such as tobacco and sugar, to England.

What are two requirements of the Navigation Acts?

This law required that any and all cargo bound for the American colonies or other countries had to be routed through England for inspection, and taxes had to be paid upon the goods before they could leave English ports.

How long did the Navigation Acts last?

Overall, the Acts formed the basis for English (and later) British overseas trade for nearly 200 years, but with the development and gradual acceptance of free trade, the Acts were eventually repealed in 1849.

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