What was the weather like in September 2012?

What was the weather like in September 2012?

Global Highlights. The average combined global land and ocean surface temperature for September 2012 tied with 2005 as the warmest September on record, at 0.67°C (1.21°F) above the 20th century average of 15.0°C (59.0°F). Records began in 1880.

What was the highest temperature in 2012?

112 degrees F
The Watonga weather station in Blaine, Okla., broke its all-time high, reaching 112 degrees F yesterday, according to NOAA. The previous record was 111 F, which was hit there Aug. 6, 1964.

How is the weather in New York in Labor Day weekend?

Rain will move in overnight Saturday and stay with us until at least late morning/early afternoon Sunday. Highs Sunday will be in the mid 70’s, maybe upper 70’s to near 80 if we can squeeze out some late day sunshine. Labor Day itself on Monday looks to be the best day of the holiday weekend.

Why was 2012 so warm?

The heat wave formed when high pressure aloft over the Baja California, Mexico, strengthened and moved over the southern plains around June 20–23 and then spread east and northward, remaining fixed over the center of North America through July 2012.

How hot was the summer of 2012?

Temperatures averaged 1 to 2 F above normal during August, but there were no significant heat waves during the month. Overall, the summer of 2012 averaged 2 to 6 F degrees above normal. Green Bay recorded an average temperature of 71.7 F, making it the 3rd warmest summer on record (1995 was the warmest at 72.6 F).

Is September hot in New York?

September is one of the most pleasant times of year to travel to New York weather-wise. The average high temperature is 75F (24C) and the average low is 61F (16C). While the beginning of the month, is summer-like, the temperature rarely rises above 90F (32C).

Is September a good time to go to New York?

The best time to visit New York for good weather is from May to October. September is often the most pleasant month for heat, humidity, and sunny skies. Best Time to Book Hotels: The best hotels in NYC and the best family hotels in NYC get booked months in advance. Reserve a place to stay as early as possible.

How long did the 2012 North American heat wave last?

2012 North American heat wave

Start date mid June 2012
End date August 2012
Deaths 82 direct, 22 indirect

Why was it so hot in the 1930s?

Several factors led to the deadly heat of July 1936: A series of droughts affected the U.S. during the early 1930s. The lack of rain parched the earth and killed vegetation, especially across the Plains states.


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