What was the most elite unit in ww1?

What was the most elite unit in ww1?

German Stormtroopers
World War I The German Stormtroopers and the Italian Arditi were the first modern shock troops. They were both elite assault units trained to a much higher level than that of average troops and tasked to carry out daring attacks and bold raids against enemy defenses.

What did the Royal Flying Corps do in ww1?

During World War One, the Royal Flying Corps became the eyes of the British Army directing artillery gunfire, taking photographs for intelligence analysis and taking part in dogfights with the German Air Service. The Royal Flying Corps was officially formed on May 13th 1912 and was part of the British Army.

Who was the most feared soldier in ww1?

Francis Pegahmagabow: Best Sniper of WWI His bravery and fearlessness are legendary.

Why did Canadian pilots join the British Royal Flying Corps?

During the First World War, more than 5,000 Canadian pilots served in the Royal Flying Corps (RFC). The RFC was formed on 13 April 1912 to satisfy Britain’s need for a military presence in the expanding field of aviation. It joined with the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) in April 1918 to become the Royal Air Force.

Why were planes known as flying coffins?

The Russian-built Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 was included in the Air Force in the early 1960s and is known as the “flying coffins” because of their poor safety record. Why do MiG-21s crash?

Can you shoot down a Zeppelin?

Even if a Zeppelin was successfully intercepted they could still be remarkably difficult to shoot down. Although far far larger than the average barn door, hitting them with a machine gun could be remarkably difficult in the dark.

Who was the first black woman to get a pilot’s license?

Bessie Coleman
1892 -1926. Bessie Coleman was the first African-American woman, and also the first woman of Native-American descent, to hold a pilot’s license. Coleman grew up in a cruel world of poverty and discrimination.

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